Thursday, July 22, 2010


I could not help but do this quick update video from RealClear politics. Apparently Democrat Majority Leader in the Senate Harry Reid praises Democrats for the auto bailout for saving among others.........Ford Motor Company.

Listen for yourself: RealClearPolitics - Video - Harry Reid: Auto Bailout Probably Saved Ford

As anyone and everyone knows Ford was the lone auto company that DID NOT take a government bailout. They opted instead to do what was right. They stood on their own mortgaged the business for all it was worth and are now reaping the benefits.

While Chrysler and GM were eating at the government trough Ford took responsibility and all the risks for the problems they had.

If it wasn't so blatantly obvious that once again Democrat leadership is trying to take responsibility for something they had nothing to do with it would be almost criminal. How many people will believe the LIEberal machine led by Reid because of this statement and vote based on erroneous lies and rhetoric?

Let me state clearly here there are many good Democrats that don't follow this asinine type of bait and switch. But since Reid is the Majority Leader you would think facts would be relevant here would you not?

Ford survived by shrinking the Company into a lean mean machine led by Alan Mulally. They created new products that people wanted to buy. They survived because labor and management worked together and shared equally in the pain. Ford leaders to their credit came clean with labor and asked for help. They stepped up to the plate saving Ford billions in the long run and accepting that they would suffer equally for the greater good.

No big surprise there by labor.

How Reid can make such an asinine false accusation is beyond me.

Your thoughts?


  1. I am sad myself here Curt. Democrat or other is irrelevant to me as long as we get the best available for the job. When Reid as majority leader makes this kind of statement well I guess he does not qualify for the best.

    Thanks for the comments.


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