Thursday, July 22, 2010


As most know there is another independent in this race for Louisville Metro Mayor by the name of Jackie Green. Jackie has made headlines lately for being left out of debates as a candidate and not receiving equal time. Well as usual MyViewMatters Radio stepped up to the plate to fill that void.

Another first! We are the first to give Mr. Green radio air time!

While Jackie is gaining attention because of his stance on the Ohio River Bridges Project, and his support for alternate transportation such as light rail, I asked Jackie prior to the show if we could limit speaking about those issues solely. We wanted to touch on them but contrary to mainstream media who has tried to make this a single issue for Jackie Green, much as they did with Tyler Allen and 8664, I wanted to ensure people knew more about Jackie besides this one issue.

I have to admit Jackie readily agreed to expand the show into what has previously been ignored by mainstream. So in the interest of trying to let our listeners hear from all candidates, and NOT allow them to be labeled as single issue ones (yes most candidates do bring something else to the table than a single issue), here you go.

Topics we discussed were neighborhoods, education, economy and yes lightly on transportation.

Listen in below.


  1. I love that Jackie Green acknowledges the "working-side" / back side of the Iron Quarter- buildings. Those facades are valuable, too, but this is the first time I've heard it acknowledged.

    Ed-I like bacon, and I like you. But I like you more. Let's both cut back on the bacon so we can be sustainable troublemakers. I think I'm going to get some chickens!

  2. You know I liked that too many dont know or think about that.

    Curt-you know me personally so if anyone knows I need to cut back on bacon you would be one of them! The sooner the better! lol

  3. So you know, I'm serious, I am cutting back too. This is a challenge! I'm gonna go cold turkey down from 8 strips a week to 4. :-)

    My other thoughts, now that I've heard it all:

    Jackie said we are burning 12,000 gallons of fuel/day for busing. Wow.- I never considered that.

    GOOD FOR YOU, Ed, for acknowledging Jim King for working across the aisle. I concur that is one of his strengths.

    Good show!

  4. Hello Ed. Thank you for your commentary on the radio program and of course, the free publicity. I also enjoyed the shrill insults. Keep 'em coming.

    By the way, I would be happy to respond to your allegations on your next program if you would be so willing and courageous as to invite me.

    I know you will find me to be far more pleasant in person than you (and now your listeners) imagine me to be.

  5. Interetsingly enough you were never mentioned by name or website on the radio show so if you got publoicity from it you are welocme.

    Furthermore if you want radio time do what we do. BUY it. Quit tryng to get freebies. I know you are usedto that and thats ok but we have more important thngs to do.

    Funnily enough Jackie Green, who you have been arguing about not getting equal time, and likemost of us rightfully so, was the subject of tonights show. You commented based on a 60 second comment from me withuot regard to JAckie Green?

    Telling in itself.

    By the way you have had your comments poste don this site in the interest of fairness so you really have no complaints. This will end the waste of space on my site for your whining.


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