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This falls under the heading that didn't take long. 3rd District Congressional District Libertarian candidate Ed Martin apparently took offense at a story done yesterday concerning a release by Democratic Party LD Chairman Preston Bates. You can read my take here: Louisville News and Politics: THURSDAY EVENTS

Marin apparently took offense at the letter from Bates and responded with his own press release today:

For Immediate Release:

Contact: Darren Brinksneader
Media Director

Martin Says Campaign Not Merely a Tool For Yarmuth, Releases Policy Positions

Ed Martin, Libertarian candidate for the 3rd District Congressional seat currently held by John Yarmuth, scoffs at the notion that his campaign will merely serve as a tool to re-elect the Democrat, saying that his stand on issues important to Kentuckians appeal to both sides of the aisle.

On Wednesday, a Democrat operative issued a Yarmuth campaign strategy, which includes supporting the Martin candidacy as a way to peel voters away from Republican hopeful Todd Lally.

“I won’t be reduced to a political tactic for another party,” Martin said. “Though I believe that my campaign will attract traditional Republicans, I am confident that they will join my campaign because of ideas, not cheap tactics.”

And Martin campaign chairman, Ron Seiter, insists that the Libertarian’s stand on issues will attract voters from both sides of the political spectrum, not only conservative Republicans.

“Like most Louisvillians, Ed believes Washington is shattered at its core, and America is heading in the wrong direction, and that’s a sentiment shared by Democrats, Republicans and independents alike,” he said.

Conventional wisdom holds that Libertarians traditionally pull votes from the conservative side of the aisle with their commitment to smaller less intrusive government. But Martin pointed out that Libertarians also take a strong stand on social issues important to Democrats.

“It’s inconsistent that our country, which espouses individual liberty, denies basic human rights to same sex couples. And it’s ridiculous that our government mortgages our children’s future with backbreaking budgets. It’s high time Louisvillians elected one who respected both our bedroom and our pocket book,” Martin said.

On Thursday, the Martin campaign released six policy positions, demonstrating his wide-ranging appeal

1. Balance Budget - The federal budget continues to spin ridiculously out of control. Politicians from both major parties play lip service to fiscal responsibility while continuing reckless spending. It is imperative to balance the budget. Government cannot create or sustain long term economic growth through outrageous deficit spending. We can successfully reign in the budget through incremental deceases in spending, eliminating pork, and passing many federal programs back to the state level.

2. Protect Basic Civil Rights – All citizens enjoy equal rights under the law. Individuals determine their own living arrangements and relationships based upon their own beliefs and convictions. The federal government has no place meddling in religious affairs or in the bedroom, and should take no role in denying any couple the right to unite their lives together as they see fit.

3. Protecting Gun Rights - The only legitimate use of force is in defense of individual rights — life, liberty, and justly acquired property. Martin affirms the individual right recognized by the Second Amendment to keep and bear arms and opposes the prosecution of individuals for exercising their right of self-defense.

4. Prison Reform – Many inmates in the nation’s jails and prisons serve time for victimless crimes such as drug possession and prostitution. With prisons overcrowded, states should seek more cost-efficient alternative programs for these offenders.

5. Tax Cuts Targeting Innovation – With national unemployment at a 40-year high, Martin supports tax cuts to stimulate economic growth. But not just generic tax cuts often proposed by Republicans. Martin has developed a tax cut program that will incentivize companies to reinvest in their core businesses and fuel expansion.

6. Altering the Role of the Military – While recognizing the need for a strong military to protect U.S. national interests, Martin believes the use of force to nation-build and impose U.S. policies on other sovereign nations is not a proper role for the United States military. The lives of American men and women should not be squandered on prolonged conflicts with no clearly defined goals.

“I know that changing Washington will be tough. But Louisvillians deserve a leader who can deliver. And I look forward to proving to Louisvillians that I am that leader,” Martin said.

In the interests of full disclosure everyone knows that Ed Martin is my business partner with the MyViewMatters Radio Show. It is because of this that I have kept out of this race as much as possible to avoid any improprieties or charges against Martin. I am not now nor will I be in the future during this campaign any part of his campaign staff and/or campaign advisors.

Heck I am not even the media guy for him and I believe I have the credentials.

But I have to say this.

I like the direction I see this campaign headed so far......

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