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The case of Metro employee Eric Garrett goes on. As many of you know I have followed this case for some time and I firmly believe Mr. Garrett is right. Whistleblower laws were designed to protect employees from repercussions for challenging the wrongs in Government or any other business. Unfortunately, our own Government gestapo, in this case and many others they are acting as a gestapo in my opinion, continually ignores this in favor of trying to keep the problems secretive.

You can read more about the Eric Garret case here:
Louisville News and Politics: Search results for Eric Garrett.

LEO Weekly's Phillip Bailey had an interesting article this week as well
Jerry's kids Louisville's Alt-Weekly LEO Weekly. The LEO story begins with this paragraph:

In a decision that backhands Metro government, the state’s division of unemployment insurance ruled the suspension of Public Works employee Eric Garrett — who filed a “whistleblower” lawsuit against the city earlier this year — was not backed up by sufficient evidence.

Last month, however, the Kentucky Office of Employment and Training held a hearing that determined the city’s allegations lacked proper evidence and, in turn, awarded Garrett his unemployment benefits.

Very telling in itself that the Kentucky Office of Employment themselves determined that the City lacked proper evidence to deny unemployment to Garrett during his time off. There is so much more to this story that I can write it for hours but when the State sides with Garrett that certainly does tend to lend even more credibility to the case.

This case is pure blatant retaliation because one man stepped up and said "hey this is wrong we need to fix it." No one would have cared if it did not involve Abramson's lies about his Energy Star program. That has been the crux of the problem from the beginning. Abramson has to continue making the feds and everyone else think this program is actually working well because he depends so much on that funding to abuse for his personal gain.

The amazing thing is that the feds have not even investigated Abramson and his lies. The thug like mentality being employed by Abramson's people is yet another thing that needs serious investigation as well. And this guy wants to be Lt. Governor? God help us all.

In the meantime here is something to ponder as well from Garrett's reply:

The Evaluation form contains the following provision:

“It is important to be as specific as possible in providing details about the employee so the expert doing this evaluation will thoroughly understand your concerns.” (Exh H, pg. 4)

Shockingly, the person designated by the Defendant to provide all such information referenced above is none other than Public Works Facilities Director, Betty Younis. The same Betty Younis that Plaintiff specifically filed an Ethics Complaint on February 11, 2010 (Exhibit I), met with Metro Councilman Hal Heiner about on March 25, 2010, and who Plaintiff Garrett specifically named in his Original and Amended Lawsuit (Paras, 13, 19, 23, etc.) for fiscal mismanagement and incompetence in the Department of Public works.” (page 3)

Interesting once again that the designated employee responsible for all things Garrett on behalf of the City is the same employee that has a current ethics complaint, and named in a lawsuit, on her filed by who?

Yep you guessed it Eric Garrett.

This case will get worse believe me but there is no way Abramson cronies in Public works can be found to be right in this case thus costing we the taxpayers even more money due to Abramson malfeasance.

The case of Eric Garrett is one that proves just exactly why whistleblower laws were necessary in the first place but there is one problem. It also allows us to see just how far those in power will go to protect their own jobs when they are clearly wrong.

In the private sector I was once employed by Ford Motor Co. Ford used something called the FPS system to help identify problems and cost cutting measures designed to make the company more productive and cost efficient. It was a plan based on the six sigma approach brought about through GE by then Chairman Jack Welch.

This plan was an employee based program that saved the company millions and still does today. It is because of these efforts by employees working together with management that Ford has survived and is now thriving in the workplace. All without a our taxpayer govenrment bailout by the way.

Employees were asked to get involved with no repercussions for their efforts and it set a standard for many to follow. I was very proud to be part of an effort where teamwork between those in power and those on the bottom worked together and made a difference.

Quote from LEO: “The only other reason they would suspend him was filing a complaint against his boss, which is illegal by the way,” says Shane Sidebottom, Garrett’s attorney.

Based on my experience, and thousands of others employees, working together actually makes a difference. Employers today understand they need employee input from those who actually do the grunt work to identify problems so they can fix them and save time, money, and resources.

Our government is the largest employer today. Our Louisville government does not comprehend the way a business should run. Make no mistake it is a business albeit one that runs with no accountability or apparent wont of any responsibility for its shortcomings. Thanks to a thing called political patronage.

In private business there are accountable measures in place. For small business if you don't make a profit you go under. In Louisville that is happening everyday thanks to the asinine way Abramson has run this City through patronage but that is another story for another day.

In larger business if you don't make a profit for the stockholders they make adjustments in business including new leadership. They are always seeking ways to better the Company so they can profit.

In the case of Louisville government they don't worry about the things the private sector must. If they don't make enough money to make ends meet they just take more of ours. They could care less about accountability as proven over and over through the overwhelming amount of lawsuits that face this City each day. The firefighters, the police, and the list goes on and on of those who have sued and won against this administration costing us millions.

Of course Abramson and crew don't care about that after all it isn't their money like it would be in private business. They have no stockholders to answer to only the voter. They spend our tax money in many cases buying votes to keep themselves in power. Don't think so? Read this site for instances of it.

I guess the bottom line is this.

For no reason at all Eric Garrett's life will be forever altered one way or the other because of his willingness to step up and demand accountability. The harassment and abuse he has had to suffer because of his choice to get involved, ask questions, and try to find solutions to problems is not acceptable to the Abramson regime.

Eric Garrett is not alone. There are countless others within Metro that have serious complaints that go unnoticed or reported because of the tactics that are used against Garrett. These unreported issues cost us literally millions each year yet because of fear of repercussions, such as those Garrett is experiencing, they go unreported. After all many have families to support and could not afford to lose their paycheck even if found to be right long after.

And that is partly how the Abramson regime likes it. They believe if they outlast you they have a chance to win when they are wrong. Many would simply give up and let themselves be screwed rather than face what Garrett does today. In the case of our firefighters a,d police for example Abramson lost because they had the resources to hold out through his delay waiting game. Most do not.

No one wants to be in the position Eric Garrett is in today. I don't blame them. I used to be just like that. As you can see through my history the past few years I am not any longer. Believe me it is liberating when you finally have had enough and work to make a difference. It is scary as hell though in the beginning admittedly. But it is necessary to stand up against corruption at all levels in order to make it better for those who come after us.

Eric Garrett keep up the fight. Many of us understand what you are going through and stand beside you in your efforts.

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