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The ORBP just when you thought you could not stomach anymore they come up with this. Spaghetti Junction tolls considered to pay for bridges The Courier-Journal. Seriously? This defies all logic against what the hell they are trying to force us into by their own statements of why we need this boondoggle in the first place.

For starters they continue to try and force us to believe that redoing Spaghetti Junction (an unnecessary thing if there ever was one) is necessary to relieve traffic congestion. Folks we have no congestion to speak of. But what is so funny about it is this.

In order to redo Spaghetti Junction to relieve this supposed congestion they want to toll Spaghetti Junction which will do what? You guessed it.

Increase traffic congestion because everyone will have to pay the toll slowing down traffic.

Are these idiots serious? It is doubtful to say the least. I have no doubt they are serious about wanting to pad their pockets from this project but they surely cannot be serious about wanting to "improve traffic congestion" with asinine ideas like this.

Not only did I see the above story in the CJ, they also carried a reader letter from David Nicklies, yeah I know big surprise there too huh. Read it below:

Reap benefits

Nearly $1 million was saved on the construction of Crossroads Elementary in Bullitt County. More than $1 million was saved during upgrades at Slaughter Elementary and Crosby Middle schools in Jefferson County.

The Aug. 14 front-page story about area school-construction projects benefiting from the weakened economy raises an important issue. School officials said they are seeing 20 percent to 25 percent savings on projects due to increased competition, lower material costs and better bond rates. The same is true for all types of construction right now. That's why it's more important than ever for the Ohio River Bridges Project to move into construction as quickly as possible.

Capitalizing on this favorable construction market can reduce the cost of the project significantly and allow the community to reap the benefits of reduced congestion, enhanced safety and expanded economic opportunity even sooner.

The Bridges Coalition
Louisville 40202

I am waiting for when Nicklies makes the argument that this is for the kids. I mean it works everywhere else and he did set up that argument with the beginning of his "letter" talking about schools.

This is the same David Nicklies who when faced with opposition by Shawn Reilly decides to try and bully Reilly into submission. Think I am lying? Check this out from LEO:

Jerry's kids Louisville's Alt-Weekly LEO Weekly

Last month Reilly was invited to be on State of Affairs on WFPL 89.3 radio. Nicklies was also invited to attend but did not.

According to the story: a day after taking part in the panel discussion, Nicklies, a well-known local developer, called Reilly’s employer to solicit the company’s financial support for the Bridges Coalition. During that conversation, he allegedly suggested the company muzzle their outspoken employee.

Personally there is no allegedly to it in my opinion based on this from Reilly's boss: Calling the conversation “childish,” Reilly’s boss tells LEO Weekly that Nicklies did in fact talk about “reining in” the anti-tolling grassroots organizer and asked whether his employee represented the company’s views. The employer says he responded by indicating Reilly has never mixed his professional work with his personal views.

Allegedly? Not hardly and yet nothing new.

Nicklies has benefited financially from deals with the City for many years. In fact openly on his webpage he lists these as reasons Nicklies should be your choice:

Nicklies has developed and redeveloped properties for retail, office, and industrial uses throughout Jefferson County, and particularly enjoys the challenges of implementing the highest and best use for each property it develops. Nicklies is known for the close working relationship it has with Louisville Metro Planning and Design Services staff as well as the relationships it develops with the neighbors of every development it undertakes.

Of course we all know how well our Planning and Design services staff is right? Check out this site for more on that agency and its agents.

No Nicklies has gotten rich for his own gain in Louisville not for any betterment for us. Nothing wrong with that that is business but don't try to spin it like you are some great guy for the good of the community. Be honest.

He has done this by making political donations to the "right" people in Government and brags about his close relationships with Planning and Design. In short "hey I have these guys in my pocket I can help you."

And this guy is in charge of the ORBP an unwanted unnecessary monstrosity that will do nothing more than pad his own pockets and the pockets of political friends and cronies.

Enough is enough.

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