Friday, August 20, 2010


Brace yourselves folks. BIG NEWS on the Horizon. Ready for it? FISCHER ENDORSED BY COUNCILMEN DAVID TANDY AND JIM KING FOR MAYOR. Wow that is huge isn't it? LMAO. Sorry I almost got through this beginning with a straight face.

But I couldn't pull it off.

Fischer has only one chance to beat Hal Heiner in this race. He has to prove he is not more of the same as Abramson and his goons. He has failed that to date miserably as his record not only shows that he is Abramson redux but chances are he may even be worse.


From his River Fields connections, his willingness to toll new bridges in the overinflated totally unnecessary ORBP plan, and his union busting mindset (hear that firefighters?), one has to wonder why anyone would think he was worthy of the job anyway.

If there was ever any doubt that Fischer was more of the same corrupt Democratic hack politician that we currently have make no mistake about it this should eliminate all doubt.

Tandy, King throw support to Fischer The Courier-Journal

David Tandy as we all know went to Cordish in Baltimore promising to bring back results and accountability for how they spent our $950,000 cash giveaway. Big man huh? Except he came back empty handed and actually as an attorney signed a nondisclosure statement so he could not release any information whatsoever. His words? Trust me. So much for accountability.

Jim King? Where do you start? Use the search link at the top of this page and type in his name. You will get all things King you would ever want to know about. Questionable loan financial dealings, currently under investigation by more than one agency, guilty of illegally financing a Judge race paying the highest fine in Kentucky history to the KREF to the tune of $30,000 combined.

And is still under criminal investigation by the Kentucky State Police, and if rumor is true federal agencies as well.

Now someone explain to me how this separates Greg Fischer from the Democratic hack gestapo Abramson has hooked up.

Fischer already has multiple questions abounding in his statements about Servend, his business and questionable ethics concerning the patents inherent within. He has lied about awards for himself, lied about patent ownership, is one of the biggest obstructionist to the East end Bridge project most of Louisville favors, the list goes on and on.

Quite frankly if you want more on Fischer I have to say check out Jake Payne at page one Kentucky. Give credit where it is due. Payne did a good job outing a lot of Fischer's problems on his website.

King called Fischer the “true job creator” in the mayoral race. He said Fischer's business experience makes him the right person to lead the city.

Jobs for who Jim? The only jobs anyone profits from anymore in this City are political patronage jobs to cronies. How many jobs has Greg Fischer created in Louisville with his vast business background. Care to elaborate? No one can.

“The fact of the matter is that while we fought vigorously during the primary, our focus is on the betterment of our community as a whole,” Tandy said.

David really? You can say that with a straight face? Your history belies that statement reference the above Cordish example.

Bottom line is this. Fischer is proving to be nothing more than "more of the same." And that is unacceptable for all of us.

Though Fischer will get some votes from the sheep who vote along party lines regardless of the candidates, he is proving to be just what many of us have said all along. An empty suit. A follower not a leader.

They say birds of a feather flock together. In most cases, though not all, this is true. In Greg Fischer's case there is no doubt. Aligning yourself with the status quo and criminals does not make me feel good about a Fischer candidacy.

It is time to take the trash out. Abramson and Fischer share the same trash can.

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  1. Ed

    Amen, I'd add to your post but you've said all there is to be said. Nailed it.


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