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Since the recent attempt to discredit 3rd Congressional candidates Libertarian Ed Martin, and Green Party candidate Michael Hanson by the Lally campaign and the GOP, I decided that in the interest of fairness in negative campaigning I would oblige by their rules. After all the Lally camp has been whining about not getting equal and fair coverage from the media right? Lally chose this right and made this a media event so I will oblige them in the manner they want.

No thanks necessary Todd and crew.

They wanted more media I guess this was there way of getting it. I have always maintained that anyone who chooses to run for office should have equal opportunity to be heard. Lally and the GOP apparently do not believe that. Wonder what they would do if they were not the major party and candidate and the roles were reversed. They would scream about injustice as they already do at every turn.

I have now begun researching the Lally camp and those that supposedly support his candidacy.

For example, Lally has openly courted the Tea Party vote and actively sought support from them. One of the biggest voices within the Tea Party in Louisville is none other than Marilyn Parker. You may recall we had Mrs. Parker on the MyViewMatters Radio Show months ago as an announced, though unofficial candidate, for the 3rd District Congressional race against Todd Lally, Larry Hausman, Jeff Reetz, and the rest.

Here are some excerpts from Parker's facebook page from May in regards to Lally after she dropped out of the race. Why is this important? Simply because Parker is out campaigning for Lally and courting the Tea Party on his behalf.

Check these out.

Marilyn Parker If you like John McCain you will love Todd Lally. Mr Lally is even more liberal than John McCain supporting the UN, staying in Afghanistan for "literacy and women's rights" working in "bipartisan fashion" eliminating earmarks for only one year admittedly hasn't read the KY. constitution and has no plan for jobs creation or healthcare reform. Please forward this to voters.

Marilyn was challenged on her facebook page here:

Justin Ford Heckel Mrs. Parker where did you get all this info on Lally? This time dont ignore me please. Thats crazy to even use Lally in the same sentence as McCain! Hausman was registered Democrat up until June 09. That means he stayed a Democrat all the way through the Clinton and worst of all the Carter years! He says he has been a business man for 20+ years... See More but in that 20+ years he has been in the Tewligans business, doing crack, pot and being a alcoholic! Being a democrat that long should pose a serious question to all CONSERVATIVE voter like I thought you were, "Can we trust his CONSERVATIVE" values? Please let me know where you got this info on Lally. We will see if its true or not. Send the info my way

Her response?

Marilyn Parker I got his stance on the UN when he was interviewed on Clear channel on the ED and ED show and he reiterated it at the TEA debate. He made the bipartisan comment at the TEA debate and also again on the Mandy Connel show where she called him ...out on it. Afghanistan- TEA again. Earmarks off one of his flyer's. Hasn't read the constitition statement ,he didn't know what the tenth ammendment referred to at the debate again and stated that he hadn't read the KY constitution because he has been too busy putting out 2000 yard signs. Look at his website, no plans for jobs or HC. Mostly he talks about himself and not the issues.

I could go on and on but why bother. This is the person who is now trying to use the Tea Party to get a substandard guy elected who she admits is unqualified. Trust me there is a whole lot more. They are discrediting the Tea Party movement obviously. This is one example of why the Tea Party will have trouble sustaining itself because of people like this.

David Caldwell who filed the complaint with the Vice Chair of the GOP openly told Ed Martin at a fundraiser that if Lally did not win the primary he would work for him and help him get elected. So much for "Party" loyalty I guess.

One other comment from Parker?

Marilyn Parker ........once Mr. Reetz turned around and thanked him for his military service after he slung mud at him. I am not a REETZ fan but Lally did what he thought he needed to do,- expose- and he hasn't thought twice about going negative.

The history of negativity is already there and that is what we do not need in our elected officials. We are craving solutions not attacks and Lally falls way short of that even within the network of supporters he surrounds himself with.

In fact I have met so many people at these Republican fundraisers that I cannot count them all but they all have one thing in common. They say they are only voting for Lally to get rid of Yarmuth. None of them have any idea what Lally will do or any idea of any solutions to the problems we all face.

They will vote for Lally simply because they disagree with Yarmuth. That is not a resounding endorsement of Lally.

Recently I listened to a replay of the Les Naiman show from May 16, 2010. The show was obviously pushing a Larry Hausman candidacy but it was interesting when Les stated this at the beginning of the show.

"We are who we are, we are who we hang with, we are who we know."

Though Mr. Naiman and others in the Tea Party are publicly stating they support Lally in this show these words are interesting. If they indeed hold true what does it say about a Lally candidacy supported by those who do not support Lally himself?

More to come...........

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  1. Ed - Your assessment of Marilyn Parker is spot on!

    Some of those Tea Party people are borderline lunatics. And that's sad, because the reasons behing the founding of the TEA Party movement have real merit.

    But just like their opposites, the "progressives", the TEA Partiers now have some clearly identified loony-tooners who are/have become the face of their movement.

    I just finished listening to Parker's speech at the JCPS meeting that dealt with the Tax Hike passed by the School Board, and she was all over the place with her comments.

    People judge others partly based on the company they keep. Parker hanging out with Lally and invoking McCain's name is, well, not a good thing! After all, McCain LOST!!!

    The only thing worse is having a Republicrat as one's rep in Congress who carries the water for Pelosi and Obama and who has a name of Yarmuth.

    I'm glad that there is at least one additional option this time in the form of your buddy Ed Martin. I'm a conservative who could not vote for the socialist Obama and wouldn't vote for the RINO McCain.

    The TEA Partiers are lacking substantive leadership.

    Can the movement be saved?
    Only time will tell.


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