Thursday, August 12, 2010


Today Hal Hiener announced another endorsement this time from former Democratic Mayoral candidate Shannon White. Shannon lost in the primary to Greg Fischer. How big is this endorsement? It depends on how you look at it.

Shannon White's biggest claim to fame is her Dress for Success business. There are some people who think she really doesn't carry much weight so the endorsement is no big deal. I look at it a different way.

Shannon has been a strong supporter of Democrats in Louisville and in many areas her voice carries consideration primarily with those who pay attention to women's issues in the community. And this is very telling.

Hal Heiner is proving once again to be a leader who reaches out to the entire community. Not only is he embracing areas in Louisville that many feel have been ignored, like the South end for example, he is also reaching out to segments of our community who have been ignored in many ways like women in the work place. Kudos to Hal.

Quotes from Heiner's press release:

“We are at a critical juncture as a city, and because of that, I have given careful consideration to this endorsement. After meeting with both Greg and Hal, I have decided to choose an energizing leader, regardless of party affiliation, that I believe is the best choice as the next Mayor of Louisville,” said Mrs. White.

Fair warning Ms. White.

I agree with your statement but get ready for the Democratic backlash. In short, if true to form you are now chastised for standing up for your beliefs and I am sure many Democratic dartboards now have your face on them for targets.

Welcome to my world.

Hal had this to say:

“I am honored to have Shannon’s support in this race,” stated Councilman Hal Heiner. “Her enthusiasm and passion are exactly what Louisville needs. From abandoned properties to transparency in government, Shannon has been a leader on a wide range of issues important to this community. She will be a vital asset to my campaign and to the people of Louisville.”

So let's see what has happened for Camp Heiner.

Heiner says build the East End bridge first then work on the rest.

Fischer is a River Fields supporter who loves the ORBP project as is.

Heiner opens a Southwest campaign office July 1.

Fischer still hasn't but will soon.

Heiner stand up for Jackie Green's right to be heard at Mayoral debates.

Fischer agrees to debate Jackie "at events he is included in."

Heiner outlines his 5 ideas for Louisville Louisville News and Politics: HEINER RELEASES HIS 5 IDEAS FOR LOUISVILLE'S FUTURE

Fischer has a $5 per person fundraiser.

Heiner is in a dead heat in the first real Survey USA poll tied with Fischer at 45%.

Fischer teams with cn/2 who releases a suspect poll showing Fischer ahead by 7 Louisville News and Politics: MYVIEWMATTERS, GREG FISCHER, AND MORE


Democrat political candidate Shannon White endorses Heiner.

I don't know about you, but based on what has happened so far in this campaign, I personally think this is huge.

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