Thursday, August 12, 2010


As everyone knows we decided last week to temporarily pull the weekly edition of the MyViewMatters Radio Show with much regret. The decision was made so that we could focus on funding for the long term benefit.

The issue of veterans is not only one near and dear to my heart, I am a vet myself, but it is an issue that needed to be addressed. This week we focused on the proposed move of the VA hospital to Downtown Louisville from its present location. A move every veteran I spoke with, including myself, disagree with.

9th District Metro Council candidate Patrick Duerr, and 3rd Congressional candidate Todd Lally also agree, and got involved. They will be co hosting a public forum on August 18 at 6 pm to give the citizens and our veterans a voice in the process.

With that in mind we invited Mr. Duerr and Mr. Lally to do a show with us to discuss the issue. Patrick was in studio and Todd had prior commitments. In his place Patrick brought Bob Moore with him.

Mr. Moore is an octogenarian and a Veteran. He has used the Louisville VA hospital since 1986 for his care and is a strong opponent to the move of the VA hospital. I am sure Mr. Moore with this experience certainly is more of an expert on the VA hospital than the typical bureaucrat politicians in Louisville.

It was a pleasure and an honor to have a veteran of his caliber in studio to discuss the issue.

Tune in below:

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