Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Hal Heiner has sent a press release stating he has received the FOP endorsement. I personally think the FOP made the right choice. With Fischer all but saying he will keep the incompetent Chief of Police Robert White this is a sure sign that thsoe in the FOP believe Heiner will do better. read the release below:

LOUISVILLE, KY – Last night River City Lodge 614, Kentucky's largest Fraternal Order of Police, voted to endorse Hal Heiner in the Louisville race for Mayor. The River City FOP represents over 2,000 active and retired officers from the Louisville metro area, and its backing of Heiner demonstrates yet another example of his commitment to listening to and working with the men and women who bravely serve their community day in and day out.

"I am extremely grateful for the sacrifices these officers make as they operate on the front lines and put their lives in danger to keep us safe," said Hal Heiner. "I look forward to working with Metro Police to ensure that they have all the resources and tools they need to fight the serious crime problems that face our neighborhoods. The FOP recognizes that we need a change in the way things are done at City Hall. The way we have looked at crime prevention and control in this city has not been effective in reducing crime rates, and the FOP has acknowledged that we can't have more of the same and expect to lower the crime rate in Louisville."

FOP President Sgt. Dave Mutchler issued the following statement in support of Heiner:

"Councilman Heiner is a veteran public servant with the experience and qualifications necessary to effectively lead and manage our city. Hal understands the potential that exists in our great city and has a clear vision to move us forward. He is willing to engage all areas of our community and has consistently demonstrated that he values the needs and concerns of the fine men and women that serve and protect our citizenry.”

Good job FOP and good job Hal. Maybe when this is all over we can get back to job number one and create safe neighborhoods once again.

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