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VA HOSPITAL FORUM: Tonight I attended the VA Hospital Forum at the American Legion Post on Bardstown Road. All kudos must go to 9th District Metro Council candidate Patrick Duerr for singlehandedly putting this event together and making it a success. Over 60 veterans were in attendance and much was discussed in regards to this important issue.

One thing was made very clear. 100% of those vets in attendance were against moving the VA Hospital Downtown as I have said all along.

To see so many vets gathered to unite to save their hospital was an awesome thing for me. To hear their stories, well you had to be there. My thanks to all those vets who attended in person and those countless others I hear from each day supporting this cause. It is because of you and your sacrifices we live in the greatest Nation on earth.

TROUBLE BREWING WITH THE DEMS?: I was told about this story by a friend so I went to page one to check it out. You can see it here
Party Official Backing Libertarian Over Yarmuth. It seems LD Chair, and Democratic operative Preston Bates is being accused of ignoring the by laws of the Dem party because of a comment made on facebook. It is found within the link above.

Funnily enough I disagree with the call to have him resign or thrown out. What Preston has basically said is that Louisvillians deserve healthy debates. He went on further to state he fully supports John Yarmuth and believes that if others back Martin it will take votes away from Todd Lally thus helping John Yarmuth to victory.

I don't like these tactics, as most of you know I have always been vocal about the party machines, but what Preston has written about is common knowledge in political circles anyway. In short to me no big deal.

Dems have always used tactics like these to infiltrate, push for the weakest guy, and let him draw votes from the strongest opponent. Strategy 101 for insiders and have no doubt Bates is an insider. Looks like Preston is doing just that. Infiltrating and laying the gorundwork for a Yarmuth victory in November. His involvement in many Democratic campaigns includes working for criminal Jim King. With that in mind I have a hard time believeing there would be any loyalty to an outside candidate especially a Libertarian like Martin.

Personally with what is said behind the scenes about him Preston is/has been instrumental in many ways for Dems in campaigns. From a strategy standpoint this is business as usual for Dems.

You can read Preston's release below for yourself and make up your own mind. The title says it all IMO:

Political Consultant, Preston Bates, Proposes Plan to Beat Todd Lally in KY-3rd

“The macro political landscape is changing in America, and I want to join the conversation”, local Democratic political consultant and Democratic 48th Legislative District Chair Preston Bates said. “While I’m proud to fulfill my duty to endorse John Yarmuth for Congress as a party official, I am encouraged by the growing support of Libertarian candidate, Ed Martin.”

“Fundamentally, the political conversation is about the role of the government. Democrats favor more government in business and less in their personal lives. Libertarians favor less government in business and less in their personal lives. And recently, it seems Republicans favor more government in both places. Louisvillians deserve healthy debates”, Bates described.

Recent polling data has indicated a growing concern about the economy and the future prospect for the American way of life. According to the recent CN2 poll (08/10), 68% of Louisvillians consider “the most pressing issue facing Louisville” to be jobs. Bates believes that Louisvillians deserve a debate between not one party or two parties, but multiple parties.

Traditional Republicans have favored a smaller federal government. “Libertarians will split votes from Traditional Republicans”, said Bates. “And that helps Yarmuth, especially when he’s polling twenty-three points ahead of Lally. In fact, Democrats should bankroll, volunteer for, and help Ed Martin as tactical ends”, Bates said.

For the past four years, Bates has been a tireless professional Democratic political operative working on countless state house, state senate, and other statewide organizations working in field strategy, media strategy, and general strategy. Through his mastery use of earned media—garnering: print, radio, television, social, and blogging media—Bates has found his niche as an aggressive consultant who’s grounded in empirical analysis.

Until next time folks!

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