Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Ken Herndon yesterday filed his paperwork to run as a write in candidate for Metro Council District 6. After Ken Herndon lost against the late George Unseld in the primary election by just 112 votes many believed, myself included, that he would be the logical successor appointed to replace Mr. Unseld on the ballot. After much work actively seeking the appointment the party decided otherwise.

After failing to reach a consensus on a replacement to fill the remainder of Mr. Unseld's term a compromise candidate, Independent Deonte Hollowell, was appointed in the interim to fill the seat until the November election. In a mad dash for the Democratic party to find someone to run in November the party decided against Herndon in favor of David James. I have to say many believe race was a factor here.

One of the arguments publicly has included a statement to the effect that "we were promised 6 seats on the Council to African Americans" and we should keep this one as such. As such Herndon was automatically discounted because of race. Make of it what you will.

There is no law anywhere I have seen that would allow anyone to be elected solely on race. I always thought elections were open to anyone regardless of race. The Democratic party apparently believes this rhetoric and appointed ex FOP President, and KBI Director David James, to run in November.

The problem? First James may not fill the residency requirement. That is being researched now.

Additionally, the deal for James was brokered by none other than Jim King I am being told. I have had questions about David James for some time because of his relationship with King.

Why would someone who has made their career enforcing the law actively support and campaign on behalf of someone during the Democratic Mayoral primary who blatantly disregards the law, was found guilty of illegality, and is under an active investigation for criminal activity in Jim King.

And this makes me very leery of David James.

If he is associating with those like King now, and King is brokering deals to try and get him elected, all while James has a residency problem, I don't believe the people can be well served. It is more of the same from the same back door deal making players we have now. Political payback and that is unacceptable period. Especially when it includes anyone in law enforcement who we hold to a higher standard.

Enter Independent Deonte Hollowell.

While Hollowell was most certainly put up to be a "lame duck" Councilman he has proven he just may have more substance and backbone than the other candidates combined. Sorry Ken.

If Ken Herndon cannot unite the party faithful on his behalf after all the sacrifices he has made then he will not get any support from the party machine if elected either. The Democratic Party is so divided they ignored the obvious choice in Herndon to replace Unseld that they have to try and force someone with questionable problems already like James to be the candidate, with the aid of Jim King no less, than the party is proving to be just as corrupt as many of us have been saying forever.

With Abramson gone, the party still clinging to the power trip of old, and the promise of new leadership and a new direction in November with a new Mayor, Hollowell is a good addition.

I have paid attention to him since being appointed and must say I am impressed. His vote AGAINST the MSD bonding issue last week was huge in my opinion. It took courage to stand against the status quo and that backbone is sorely needed by others on the Council.

A Republican will not win this race so the object now is to split the vote in favor of James. I honestly think at this point Herndon's chances of winning this election are slim to none. Many are referring to him as a "whiner" and most just flat out are not going to write in his name. Most are asking what is so important about this seat that Herndon just can't let it go.

No one seriously believes that after all this strife and trouble that Herndon is doing this solely because of the "pureness of his desire to serve."

Deonte Hollowell was put in the job because the Dem machine thought he was expendable. No one would miss an independent right? They figured he would be no competition this November and they arrogantly think the seat is theirs for their own bidding not the bidding of the people.

I disagree.

I believe Hollowell may just be the new face we have been looking for. I further believe that the people of District 6 owe it to themselves to vote for Hollowell in November. District 6 voted for George Unseld because he was a man of honor in their eyes. I personally loved the man George Unseld though we would disagree on many issues.

In keeping with the spirit of the legacy of the late George Unseld, I see no honorable intent from the Democratic party with their selection of David James based on back door deals with those like King of questionable ethics. I also feel Herndon's ship has passed him by because of politics.

Let's see what a new face can do to the party status quo. I'm up for seeing just what Deonte Hollowell is all about myself. And it will take a full term to find out though admittedly I like his style so far.

Your thoughts?

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