Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I have always believed that if you are a legitimate candidate on the ballot you should receive equal time in public debates. I stand by that and can see no reason to change that opinion. I have been excluded from the process myself through most of the 2006 Mayoral election process as an independent. Why do I bring this up now?

It is no secret that I started taking FOX 41's Bill Lamb to task when he started abusing, in my opinion anyway, his Point of View segments to promote his good friend Jim King in the Democratic primary for Mayor. I felt then it was wrong and still feel that way today. I will admit there are many things I agree with Bill Lamb on though so it has always been worthwhile to watch his POV to a degree with me.

Unfortunately, this is not one of those times.

I don't believe Jackie Green has a shot at winning the Mayoral election but he has the right to be heard. Candidates like Green are one reason we began the MyViewMatters Radio Show. So many candidates are ignored because they simply don't have the money to buy a voice that we began the process of changing that attitude in Louisville. For me that fight started in 2006 and led to where I am today.

Sadly,In a recent POV The Mayoral Debates – Who to Include? (7/27/10) - FOX41.com Louisville News Kentucky Indiana News Weather Sports Lamb stated:

I think I'm for excluding candidates from debates who have no chance of winning the election.

This is a far cry from the Bill Lamb I knew just 4 years ago during the 2006 Mayoral election. Election Coverage - A Stacked Deck? (09/26/06) - FOX41.com Louisville News Kentucky Indiana News Weather Sports

At that time I believed Bill Lamb "got it" and was a stalwart supporter of making sure all voices were heard regardless whether you agreed with their positions or not. Then Bill lamb felt all should be included and I agreed. In fact after the 2 debates I was allowed in the overwhelming opinion was that I had won them.

Though I had "no chance" to win that race people were inspired enough to come up to me to discuss the issues and get involved. They appreciated my candidacy for focusing on issues and not letting Abramson off the hook. My candidacy inspired someone to get involved? That is what it is all about.

And that is the problem with Lamb's POV today. He seems to have forgotten what his stance is or perhaps he never knew. I don't know either way but in Lamb's own words from 2006:

I'm not endorsing Springston or anyone else. But restricting our attention only to the already entrenched parties needlessly suppresses information. And that's exactly the opposite of what our job is supposed to be.

I am not sure what has happened to Lamb. I don't know if he is being influenced by his friends like King, or perhaps Lamb just forgot what his job is. I think perhaps we should start paying attention to the messenger. The power of TV such as FOX41, regardless of a "point of view" piece or not, is not one to be taken lightly. The abuse of power is always a concern with mainstream media.

With Lamb being General Manager, perhaps it is time to turn the POV into a real citizen segment and not one where the discussions are from a management person's perspective that can be used for personal intent. I am not accusing Lamb of anything but ALL candidates should have the right to be heard and by Lamb's own words maybe he needs reminding of that.

I'm Ed Springston and that's MY Point of View......

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