Friday, August 20, 2010


NEW ALBANY SAYS NO TO TOLLS: Leave it up to New Albany to do what we can't get done in Louisville. According to Curt Morrison at the New Albany City Council passed a resolution opposing tolls on Ohio River Bridges & endorsing an East End Bridge. Gee even Indiana gets it..........

JOBLESS RATE DROPS BUT NEWS NOT SO GOOD: The Herald Leader put out their story on the unemployment news and it paints the same grim picture we already are aware of. While the politicians are telling us unemployment is down they also do not tell us the whole truth. Read about it here
Ky. jobless rate below 10% but for bad reasons - Business -

The real news?

People are not finding jobs and falling off the lists because the benefits have expired. The temporary jobs Government created with the census are dwindling down. Construction is non existent, and the list goes on. Prepare for worse in January....

GREECE IN TAILSPIN ARE WE FAR BEHIND: Many people are looking to Greece to see how they respond to the worst economic situation they have faced. Greece did the whole Government bailout thing and this article shows, no surprise here, that it simply has not worked either.
Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis: Greece Enters Death Spiral Unemployment in many places are at 70%. Yep you read it right no typos there. 70%.

From the article:

This dire prognosis comes even despite Athens' massive efforts to sort out the country's finances. The government's draconian austerity measures have managed to reduce the country's budget deficit by an almost unbelievable 39.7 percent, after previous governments had squandered tax money and falsified statistics for years. The measures have reduced government spending by a total of 10 percent, 4.5 percent more than the EU and International Monetary Fund (IMF) had required.

Yep Greece is in trouble and based on many of the things the article addresses how much farther behind can we be at the rate we are going?

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