Friday, August 20, 2010


A while back I pointed out that the Teamsters in Louisville were leading he way in political endorsements by shying away from the traditional endorsement of Democrats at all costs mentality. For years Democrats have left labor behind in favor of selling out for their own political agendas.

It started with a Teamster endorsement of Republican Brian Simpson in his race against Larry Clark. They even endorsed me in the primary.

The FOP has now shown in back to back endorsements that they to are sick and tired of the Democratic status quo in Louisville. The police officers have been under attack by the Abramson gestapo for years costing money and hurting their ability to protect and serve.

Yesterday they broke with the traditional mindset and endorsed Republican Mayoral candidate Hal Heiner. This was huge as in essence by this endorsement they stated "it is time to move forward away from those who would destroy us." It was a huge endorsement especially in light of the IAFF firefighters choosing to tow the Democratic agenda even though they have suffered enormously by the Democratic machine in Louisville.

Today the FOP made another endorsement I believe is huge. They announced their endorsement for Republican candidate for the 9th District Metro Council seat Patrick Duerr. It is huge because Hal Heiner will need all the help he can get from this Metro Council to aid in moving Louisville forward.

Patrick Duerr is just the guy that can help in that effort not because he is Republican, party politics be damned that is what has destroyed us until now, but because he shares the same dreams and visions for Louisville's future that Hal does.

Patrick has led the way in his race towards aiding our veterans, our police, and our firefighters. He understands that we must have safe streets and neighborhoods to begin the revitalization of Louisville. He will be an addition that can not only work with Hal but in many ways help Hal Heiner achieve the mission of bettering Louisville.

Below is a copy of Patrick Duerr's press release and I must say congrats to the FOP for looking forward not backwards in the effort of bettering our community.

Patrick Joseph Duerr, candidate for the 9th Louisville Metro Council has received the endorsement of the Fraternal Order of Police, River City Lodge No. 614.

August 20, 2010 – Louisville, KY – ( The Patrick Joseph Duerr campaign for 9th Louisville Metro Council has received the endorsement of the Fraternal Order of Police, River City Lodge No. 614. Mr. Duerr is honored to receive this endorsement and the support of the proud women and men that serve our community with absolute courage and bravery.

“Our heroic Louisville Metro Police put their lives on the line daily to unsure the safety of our Louisville community, and they deserve our respect,” Duerr said. “Many leaders in our current Louisville Metro Government have failed to listen and provide the proper support to these proud men and women. It is our responsibility, in city government, to honor all negotiated contracts and advocate their wishes regarding their leadership command structure.”

Patrick Joseph Duerr is running a grass-roots campaign for Metro Council to inform, to engage and to empower Louisville’s citizens in policy and governance. Patrick and his family reside at 3403 Lexington Road, Louisville, KY 40207 and can be reached at (502) 974-6237.

He can also be reached through Adam Hitt, Campaign Manager, at


  1. Congratulations Patrick!! You are on your way my friend!!

  2. Great job, go DUERR!!!!!


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