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Ok I admit I could not resist the title of this article but to see Horne display this partisanship really bugs me. It seems Andrew Horne is throwing his weight (or lack thereof) behind Greg Fischer for Mayor. That is fine no problems he supports Fischer God Bless America but the problem I have is the way he decided to go about it.

Seems Mr. Horne decided to write to the CJ in the readers letters section showing his support of Fischer but he could not resist playing partisan politics and attacking former Democratic Mayoral candidate Tyler Allen for supporting HIS candidate of choice in Hal Heiner.
Reader Letters In support of U.S. Senate and Louisville mayoral candidates The Courier-Journal

Why would Horne decide to go this route and trash Allen for supporting Heiner. It had noting whatsoever to do with Horne. That is the rub.

When called out on this by Curt Morrison on facebook I of course could not resist the temptation to respond. Sue me. So what does Horne do? He then tries to subtly challenge me. Here is the exchange so far

)"Andrew Horne just proved why he doesn't need to get elected with this letter. Partisan politics are what is destroying America as we know it.... Horne wants to discount Tyler Allen because he did not tow the party line and support what he considered to be a worse candidate?

Horne needs to look in the mirror and ask himself why he has to play partisan politics. This whole veteran thing everyone likes to use with him is getting old.

I am a vet and as I recall we served on behalf of ALL Americans not just one party or the other.

Leadership demands taking a stance for the betterment of us all not a typical partisan stance that does not include all. Being a leader does not mean taking a popular stance it means taking a stance for the right reasons regardless of popularity.

Sorry Mr. Horne while I appreciate your service I cannot follow blindly any political idealogy as the problems we face today are bi partisan ones."

(Horne)"Andrew Horne Everyone should support the person they believe in but if anyone runs for office as a member of a particular party and then flips when they lose they deserve to be called out. I would have called out Greg Fisher if the postions were reversed.

Curt, Re "selling out" i'm confused, I assume that is not just because i disagree with you, about Hal's judgment and justice issues and I haven't been offered a job by anyone and wouldn't take it if I was.

Mr. Springston, partisan politics? I know you claim to have once been a democrat but but can you point to recent evidence of your support of any democrat?"

What makes this so funny is Horne is proving exactly why I say he is a partisan hack by his own statements.

Perhaps he forgets just how much he was against Fischer in 2008 when he ran against him for the Senate. Either way read his opening line.

Everyone should support the person they believe in... then he goes on to discount why they should do that railing instead against Allen for not supporting the party first. Kudos to Allen. Allen proved he is beyond the partisan hack ways with this endorsement and stood up for who he believes in.

I don't recall Tyler taking any shots at Fischer either.

I also find it interesting that Horne had to qualify his statements with this: "I haven't been offered a job by anyone and wouldn't take it if I was." Did anyone imply such a thing? Seems like a very defensive statement to make without any accusation. I guess we will be watching this closely if Fischer pulls it off eh?

In the meantime you can follow the shenanigans here if you want: Facebook (1) Curtis Equality Morrison Andrew Horne: Remember in 2008 when Greg Fischer for Mayor thought he was more qualif...

Have fun.....

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