Friday, September 24, 2010


The headline is clear cut. PVA Tony Lindauer decided to spend tax money fighting against Ford Motor Co over hyper inflated assessed values by whom? Lindauer PVA. read about it here: Ford saves nearly $1M in Jefferson County tax dispute win The Courier-Journal. Many will wonder why I am so against Lindauer in this fight and believe me the list is long but I will focus on some tings I think we need to improve on.

First of all the economy has been in the tank for a couple of years now. With home prices falling across the Country, and yes in Louisville as well, it only makes sense that appraised values would fall as well right?

Not with Tony Lindauer in charge. Assessed values continue to go up creating much needed money for things like education for example. While no one would argue that education funding is necessary many would argue that using an essentially built in government tax theft program would be the wrong way to do it.

For homeowners you can appeal your assessments as well but how many homeowners todya can afford the money to hire an outside auditor?

Ford as you may recall was the only auto manufacturing company that did not take the bailout money from TARP funds. They mortgaged their company to the hilt even putting the blue oval itself on the line for collateral. They have never threatened to leave over assessed value of their property opting instead to take it to the Kentucky Board of Tax Appeals.

There is one glaring question here that needs to be asked.

How in the hell did Tony Lindauer's hired guns get the value so wrong to begin with?

Ford valued the truck plant at $35-39 million overall. What did Lindauer's hired monkeys come up with? A whopping $67.9 million!

That is almost double what even the Kentucky Board of Tax Appeals agreed it was worth.

With home assessments going up and business assessments being unfairly calculated it is clear that Tony Lindauer really doesn't understand his job or just doesn't care.

With Tony Lindauer's office getting ready to come under scrutiny as well for illegal homestead exemptions that many do not know about (yep I will be reporting on that one soon) it is clear that Lindauer is using the office either of his own accord, or being told to by the Dem machine to create money.

That is not the job of the office.

Enter Corey Koellner.

Corey Koellner is a Certified Internal Auditor and knows exactly how the office is supposed to work and has the knowledge and experience to lead it in the right direction. At this point and time with so many things wrong with Louisville finances, check out the Crit LuAllen scathing Abramson received during the audit for proof, one has to wonder why the job of PVA is not one that requires a degree in accounting or some sort of auditing background.

Mr. Lindauer has a degree in English and a construction background. While many would agree that the construction background is important, the PVA is evaluating worth of property, one would also have to argue that the current PVA Mr. Lindauer may be using whatever his experience is from a more prosperous time.

The facts are values have decreased in real estate. Most would not argue that point today even though it is a rare occurrence but we have not seen the assessed property taxes devalued in the same way. In many cases they continue to go up.

Either way with these kind of mistakes, and a willingness to waste tax money in a down economy trying to force a major local business to basically double their taxes to make up for shortfalls, we have a problem.

Coupled with the upcoming story on the homestead tax exemptions he has ignored costing us almost a million we have even more problems.

Time to right the ship in Louisville and that means electing some new blood. Itis time once again to get rid of someone who is part of the Democratic machine.

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