Saturday, September 25, 2010


It would appear so. Apparently the Dems are so worried about losing seats in the House this year they like to pull bogus lawsuits late in the race to make people believe the candidates running against them are not worthy or running illegally.

Metro Council District 6 Councilman Independent Deonte Holloweel has already been charged with not having the right signatures Louisville News and Politics: METRO DISTRICT 6 HEATS UP:DEMOCRATS WORRIED ABOUT HOLLOWELL and now the Dems are going after Independent Michael PW Lewis trying the same tired game.

You may recal that Michael Lewis was the guy featured by CNN on behalf of the plight of independents in Kentucky Louisville News and Politics: UPDATES FROM FRANKFORT

Don't worry this is not party specific as the Repubs tried the same game against Libertarian Ed Martin as well. By the way those charges are being investigated because they were illegally made but I digress.

The biggest question right now is why would District 35 State Rep Jim Wayne allow this idiocy. Is he scared of competition?

District 35 had NO Republican with the guts to run against him so Independent Michael Lewis collected 170 signatures (he only needed 100) went to the Secretary of State's office to file and his candidacy was validated right then and there.

So why pull this garbage all this time later? Because they can and that is a major problem.

Perhaps it is because Abramson thinks he will be Lt. Governor next year and needs as many Dems as he can get in the House. Yep some will say that is a conspiracy theory but I don't think so in this case.

You see the person who filed the charges is none other than Greg Reddington who is Abramson's Senior Assistant to the Mayor in Labor Relations. Why him?

As we all know labor has gotten screwed so many times under Abramson it defies logic that someone who actually is a Senior Assistant to the Mayor would even involve himself in this mess. Ask the firefighters and the police what they think of Greg Reddington or the Mayor's office.

No once again it appears that Abramson is trying to stack the deck with his cronies early and that is a problem.

Yep I know the State House is not a local office, however, Louisville Democrats need to keep their favorites in place in anticipation of Abramson getting elected on Beshear's coattails. That way Abramson can continue screwing us taxpayers at the next level and try to hide his deficiencies in Louisville with State money.

That is a major red flag for most I speak with. We do not need more of the same at a higher level and that is what we will be getting with the Abramson machine boys.

Did Reddington do this on his own? Who knows but if he did it was a stupid thing to do if he was trying to protect Abramson. If he did it to protect Jim Wayne it was equally stupid.

Jim Wayne if you don't agree with this and were not involved you should denounce this action immediately and ask that it be withdrawn. I don't think it would be too hard to do that on Monday for the 6 o'clock news myself. I won't hold my breath.

Is Jim Wayne so fearful of someone running against him that he has to put someone up to this on his behalf? It would appear so.

Does Jim think the only chance he has at winning is to have no opponent? That is exactly what he wants. WIthout Lewis on the ballot there is no choice in District 35 and that is a problem for many.

Folks this is just part of the same old game the party hacks continue to use to keep others out of office. Lewis will beat these charges easily but what will he have won? The SOS verified his signatures long ago. So what is the intent of this harassment? To negate any chance he would have at winning.

Even if they recanted this suit at this point the damage is done to a Lewis candidacy. Wayne or his insiders will spread the gossip about charges being filed against Lewis even though they were not worthy ones. They will of course not mention that Lewis was right and they were wrong. That will be a dig at Lewis's character and that will be hard to overcome especially as an independent of either party.

They have done the same to Councilman Hollowell in Metro District 6.

When you can't beat them honestly, destroy their character and negate their possibilities.

It is a sad, pathetic way to run a campaign and that destroys our faith in the system itself. It is time to change the laws accordingly. Anyone who wants to run for office should be required to have an equal number of signatures. If that number is 2 for the parties then it should be 2 for anyone.

If the parties want to continue playing this BS suit game against legitimate candidates just to cost them some votes then the person who files these charges should have "skin in the game." If they are found to be harassment charges then they should be tried for defamation of character and sued on a personal level.

See what happens when they lose their hard earned money in court.

Michael Lewis is a stand up guy who did things by the book and is a legal candidate. For those like Jim Wayne, and Abramson cronies such as Greg Reddington, to try this ridiculous stunt just because they are scared says a lot more about their character then that of Michael Lewis.

Have you had enough of these games yet?

I hope so and I for one am asking everyone to vote against those that play this game.

We deserve better.


  1. I think this is a typical mockery of the major party vehicle just trying to keep the voice down... I really hope it backfires in Jim Wayne's case... I think Michael Lewis just picked up a lot of the firefigthers, police and city worker votes in 35!

  2. Thanks for this editorial. I wonder what we should do to file our complaint? Write the mayors office? Write Wayne? - Dave Robinson

  3. "Does Jim think the only chance he has at winning is to have no opponent? That is exactly what he wants. WIthout Lewis on the ballot there is no choice in District 35 and that is a problem for many."

    That says it all and this is why over 40% of the country is now identifying as independent - the parties and their officials don't even pretend to have our interests in mind. Good thing for the voters that Michael Lewis and Independent Kentucky aren't going anywhere.
    Gwen -


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