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Quick update. Posting has been slow the last few days my apologies. I started a third shift job to help pay for all this stuff I do and they immediately started overtime. Needless to say there aren't enough hours in the day right now but I am trying to work the schedule out so bear with me please.

In the meantime much is going on and quite frankly even I couldn't predict the idiocy.

Hal Heiner should be the next Mayor but unbelievably he is behind in the latest poll to Greg "I cannot tell the truth or create anything original" Fischer. What does it say when Fischer has been caught in lie after lie and has even gone so far as to copycat Hal Heiner's platform and try to pass it off as his own? It tells me this political hack machine is still strong and that will destroy us.

Admittedly, Hal has not done himself any favors when he rolled out a campaign ad against the public schools policy. WHile Hal definitely has the best ideas for Louisville right now, in my opinion, he cannot afford to allow Fischer to continue lying and stealing his ideas. It is time for Hal to take the gloves off.

Michael Lewis as you know is the Independent running for the District 35 House seat currently held by Democrat Jim Wayne. No Republican had the guts to run against Wayne and apparently the case of Michael Lewis is one reason why. When politicians feel threatened then they resort to second grader harassment and intimidation tactics. Wayne is no exception.

Saturday I did this article on Jim Wayne exposing the idiotic lawsuit challenging Lewis candidacy
Louisville News and Politics: IS STATE HOUSE DISTRICT 35 DEMOCRAT JIM WAYNE RUNNING SCARED?. So what did Michael Lewis do?

He contacted Jim Wayne and asked him to denounce this blatant intimidation tactic (Lewis was certified as legal by the Secretary of State) and Wayne refused saying he felt this situation should "play out." Of course Wayne and cronies were behind the false charges. I hope Lewis counter sues Greg Reddington for harassment and goes after his wallet. It should be a full one considering he is Abramson's favorite labor son.

Ed Martin as you know has been the only candidate running in the 3rd Congressional District that actually has continued to put plans out and not the typical partisan rhetoric. He just released part 3 dealing with Capital Gains tax for small business.

The release stated "The Libertarian candidate for the Kentucky 3rd District Congressional seat proposed a capital gains tax based on a sliding scale that would encourage long term investment. Under Martin's plan, the capital gains tax imposed on any investment maintained for more than five years would equal one half of the current rate. Any investment maintained for more than 10 years would not be subject to capital gains tax."

Todd Lally on the other hand still doesn't get it. Lally has put up his first commercial and what does he do? Instead of giving us any substance he attacks Yarmuth for closing the business Lally worked in as a kid. The problem?

Yarmuth wasn't even elected then. The business Lally refers to sold out back in the 1970's and Yarmuth had absolutely nothing to do with it. So much for truth in advertising huh? Anyone with half a brain can figure that one out.

Finally, David James, illegal Jim King's favorite candidate son is allowing King, in my opinion anyway, to use people he knows to spread false information about Ken Herndon. It seems his latest tactic is to use Dr John Gilderbloom to make misrepresentations about Herndon on homeless shelters and closing pubs in old louisville.

James and King must be really scared. They have tried to sue current Councilman Deonte Hollowell off the ballot, have pulled every string imaginable to keep Herndon from getting equal access in debates even though Herndon is a legitimate candidate, and arguably a better known one as well.

I am being told that David James's campaign manager, Michelle Gallagher, fed this story to Rick Redding over at wlky's ulocal blog prompting the coalition for the homeless to respond directly on Rick's blog. They are disputing the information reported by Gilderbloom. You can read the story here
No Consensus on Homeless Task Force - WLKY's u local Local Voices post - u local, Your Kentucky Photos & Videos.

Suffice it to say that Gilderbloom has a dog in this fight considering this from the Coalition for the Homeless response:

"You mention that Dr. Gilderbloom and members of the Original Highlands Neighborhood were removed from the Task Force. This was also the case for The Coalition for the Homeless and was due to a conflict of interest caused by an outstanding law suit associated with the citing of a shelter at Mercy Academy in the Highlands. Additionally, you and Dr. Gilderbloom neglect to mention that he owns property in that neighborhood. These conflicts, however, did not preclude him or others from attending the meetings or submitting comment to the task force or attending the hearing in April created to accept public comment."

The devil is always in the details left out. Gilderbloom owns property in the area.

Connect the dots folks and vote accordingly.

See ya next time.......

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