Friday, September 24, 2010


Yep I know the PVA election is one of the boring ones but it also is one of the most important. PVA candidate Corey Koellner had this to say about the Ford tax decision.

Louisville, KY - The Kentucky Board of Tax Appeals ruled against the Jefferson County Property Valuation Administrator yesterday, citing "flawed" information in their attempt to increase the assessed value of Ford Motor Company's Kentucky Truck Plant. The Jefferson County PVA was attempting to increase the value of Ford's property by over $30 million.

Corey Koellner, a candidate for Jefferson County PVA, responded to this ruling by saying, "I agree with and applaud the Kentucky Board of Tax Appeals ruling. Inflated property values are not only bad for working families, they are bad for business - which means local jobs. As a city, we will never reach our full potential in job attraction and creation with a reputation for 'sticking it' to our employers. It seems our current PVA is more concerned with managing the city's revenue stream than the fair treatment of Jefferson County property owners."

The Koellner campaign has been advocating for the fair treatment of all individuals by the Jefferson County PVA office. Koellner, a Certified Internal Auditor, intends to use his accounting background and professional experience dealing with valuation-related issues to bring a more informed presence to the office.

For additional information regarding this release, please contact Corey Koellner.

Contact: Corey Koellner (502) 548-4057


  1. The only problem is it's not the PVA's job to determine what is or is not good for working families. The PVA's only job is to determine the value of the property. Period. If a property owner disagrees with the PVA's assessment there are appeal procedures in place, which Ford has utilized.

  2. You are correct it is not the PVA's job to determine what is or isn't good for working families but when the PVA overinflates property values it affects working families and business.

    I think that is what Koellner was gettiing at. The PVA's office determines property values but appears to overinflate them for more revenue.

    This creates a bad atmosphere, especially with business either here or looking to come here, which in turn does affect working families.

    Ford may be able to afford to appeal but how many homeowners can do the same?

    We must have consistent proven methods in place for assessments and with the glaring difference between what Lindauer's office came up with versus the Kentucky Board of Tax Appeals one has to ask the question:

    How could the assessments be so different and why?

    Thanks for writing.


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