Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I actually suffered through the KET debate last night between the candidates for 3rd Congressional District Democratic incumbent John Yarmuth, Republican challenger Todd Lally, Libertarian Ed Martin, and Independent Mike Hansen. I must say I was left less than impressed by all except one.

John Yarmuth.

I have not agreed with Yarmuth's positions on many things but it was clear to anyone who actually saw the debate that at least he is on top of the issues. He was well versed with specific answers including details on many things he has been accused of not knowing and he made no apologies for his votes.

Why would that be important? Because he has no serious challenge in this race yet he was precise in answering why he voted particular ways. Quite honestly I was surprised by his candid demeanor when he was clearly being attacked without substance by his main opponent Todd the Lally whacker.

Todd decided to act like a high school bully throughout to try and cover his shortcomings but instead came off as a whiner without a clue.

Seriously, every time he attacked Yarmuth, Yarmuth gave him specifics on legislation that Lally knew nothing about. At this point Lally's main comment was "well that's what I heard." When Todd started the same old lying about cutting $500 billion from Medicare Yarmuth was quick to point out the 78% increase in medicare that has been approved by Congress and flat out said Todd was less than truthful.

Lally's response? "That's what I heard."

Can there be any doubt left that he simply does not have a clue? There were 2 or 3 occasions where Lally tried to spin a lie and had to resort to the "that's what I heard" comment because he was caught in his own idiocy.

He tried to attack Yarmuth for not serving during Vietnam by being confrontational and repeating "you were adult during Vietnam why didn't you serve John," a couple of times and Yarmuth finally answered him, when he could get a word in edgewise, against this blatant attempt to portray John as a draft dodger or something in Lally's hopes using the miltary vet card would prove some moral superiority over Yarmuth.

For the record Yarmuth didn't dodge the question but answered by letting Todd know that he had been found medically unfit for duty.

Um Lally, open mouth insert foot.

A Politics 101 course could have prevented you sticking your foot in your mouth further than you already had by that point. Lally tried to lie and say that John Yarmuth had decided the VA hospital should go Downtown.

Yarmuth has not.

Todd tried to play up that repealing don't ask, don't tell would somehow destroy our military and kept acting like it would greatly add expenses like separate showers for gay people or something. Todd smell the roses. If you have served at all in any outfit, outside the cockpit of your plane, you have probably showered with at least one gay guy and damn, it did not turn you into a homosexual.

I served and I served with gay people and it did not affect, nor did I expect it to affect, any mission we were given. In fact Yarmuth pointed out that the Joint Chief of Staff himself said that repealing this asinine policy would not harm the military one iota. In fact just having it is doing more harm than good.

So much for that BS argument Todd. I also found it very funny that when asked a question on women's issues and equality in the workplace that Todd stated that no one should be discriminated against yet he is willing to discriminate against someone for sexual orientation.

To-ma-to, or to-mah-to Todd which is it?

Unfortunately, because Todd wanted to act like he was a badass with his confrontational challenges to Yarmuth, Lally is a wannabe badass not a real one by the way, we really did not get to hear from Martin or Hansen much. Props to Kentucky Tonight host Bill Goodman by trying to work in some time for them later in the forum.

I also have to admit neither Hansen nor Martin made much of an impression in this forum.

Martin seemed much more reserved than I had hoped. In my opinion as I have stated before Martin may be the best of this field, and his platforms are sound, but he did little to interject himself into the fray choosing instead to let Lally falsely accuse, and whine, and cry wasting valuable time. If people don't know you or what you stand for they will not vote for you. I believe Ed let a major opportunity slip by.

Maybe that was Lally's goal all along be confrontational and take the time away from those who could prove you had no clue. It may be the only thing he planned to accomplish all night. If so he did monopolize the time but it backfired because he was proven to be clueless by Yarmuth.

Lally proved once again what I and anyone who has spoke with him already knows. He has no substance and no clue on what goes on in government. That was never clearer than when he tried to peg Yarmuth with the lying tactic of "Yarmuth votes with Pelosi 95% of the time." John was quick to point out that he has only voted with her about 300 times out of over 3300 votes.

That does not add up to 95% folks.

Additionally, John also pointed out that what we see as a final bill that gets voted on is the final product of behind the scenes negotiations and compromise before it ever heads to the floor. In short the hard work has already been done getting the bill in a form to present to the Congress for a vote.

Todd obviously has no clue and if this is the best the party has to offer then they are in worse shape then I thought.

Whether I agree or disagree with John Yarmuth's policies, or overall job as our elected Rep, one thing was very clear last night.

The advantage goes to Yarmuth. Based on this one "debate" it was very clear why.


  1. I have often wondered why FMR Metro Councilwoman Julie Raque Adams didn't run for congress this year. I feel like she, Ellen Call, Kevin Kramer, Ken Fleming, or Scott Brinkman would have offered a sound alternative to Congressman Yarmuth and actually added to the discussion.

    I am a Democrat, but I would have given those candidates a second look. The entire GOP primary field left a lot to be desired, in my opinion.

  2. Agreed, I'm actually voting for Ed Martin after watching that last night. Lally showed zero professionalism whatsoever. What ever happened to a civil debate of the issues?


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