Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I hate to even mention it but this has got to be the stupidest waste of ink on a press statement I have seen yet by the Paul campaign. As everyone knows by now former President Bill Clinton arrived and gave a speech on behalf of Jack Conway yesterday at UK (which by the way may be a violation by the Attorney General who doesn't mind trying to circumvent law for political gain).

Check out the story here by WLKY's Andy Alcock
Bill Clinton Campaigns For Ky. Senate Hopeful - Politics News Story - WLKY Louisville

Clinton did the usual stump speech attacking a Democratic opponent though I must admit it was funny when he was lambasting the Bush tax cuts he said need to expire. Conway has stated publicly they should be extended. Maybe they should have met before the speech in a serious convo but I digress.

Rand Paul had a perfect opportunity to lambaste current President Obama for not being here campaigning for Jack (gee wonder why he isn't) or at least challenging the snafu on the Bush tax cuts, but no, what did the Paul camp do?

They issued this statement:

"If you can tell a lot about someone by the company they keep, today's rally speaks volumes. Jack Conway and Bill Clinton rallied today to fire up liberals for their agenda of higher taxes and federal healthcare takeovers. Their ideas are bankrupt. And Ky. values are not being promoted by holding rallies with someone who used the power of the presidency to take advantage of a young girl working as an intern."


Kentucky values?

Bill Clinton won Kentucky both times he ran for the Presidency. Hillary Clinton beat Obama here during the 2008 primary race. Just how much of a factor do you think that statement is? A popular ex President comes to town to campaign for your opponent and you challenge his moral values?

There was so much to challenge it was comical but to issue an asinine statement like that was worse.

For the record most I speak with really felt that this issue was not a big deal for Clinton. After all Lewinsky was a consenting adult. Adult being the key word. In fact many would argue that labeling her a young girl would be an insult since she was considered a young adult woman at the time.

If this is how this campaign is now running, or plans to for the remainder of this race, then this election may not be won yet after all.

Paul can do so much better.

Stay tuned folks........

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