Sunday, October 24, 2010


I admit I couldn't resist this post. The Democrats STILL after all this time have me on their email and regular mailing lists. They apparently do not update voter rolls. I generally ignore the gee vote for democrat at all costs mailers I get but this one was too funny.

Is Jack Conway having problems getting enough Kentuckians to work on his campaign? read the following email I received from his campaign:

Dear Edward,

It's amazing how far you've helped us get.

As an active supporter of this campaign, you're a big part of the reason we took our first lead in the polls this week.

But did you know there's another crucially important thing you can do to help Jack beat Rand Paul?

We have volunteers coming into the Louisville area from all over Kentucky and even out of state to help get-out-the-vote during our final push. It is critical for our efforts that we turn out our supporters here in Louisville.

Please join us and volunteer to help our get-out-the-vote efforts.

Since many volunteers are traveling and donating their time, we're trying to match them up with local supporters who can provide them with a place to sleep.

If you have a spare room -- or even a comfortable couch -- where we can put up a volunteer for anywhere from a single night to a week between now and election day, please click here to let us know right away.

I've heard from a few people who have put up a volunteer already, and they've all told me how much they enjoyed connecting with a fellow supporter for a few days.

We do our very best to accommodate requests for specific gender, smoking, or other preferences, and our friendly staff will never be further than a phone call away, so please let us know if you can spare a room.

Thank you,

Jonathan Drobis
Campaign Manager

Paid For By Conway For Senate
Conway for US Senate • P.O. Box 6168 • Louisville, KY 40206

Dang guys quit advertising desperation would you?


  1. How funny, I met a group of RAND PAUL supporters who were SHIPPED into Owensboro this weekend. They were specifically told to suggest they were from Bowling Green, and NOT Louisville. Oh, want to guess where these guys were from? Virginia, Texas, Washington D.C, and Ohio.

    Not a single one knew a lick about Kentucky.

  2. You may be right but I did not get an email from the Paul folks asking me to house out of state volunteers. That is what is funny about this from Conway. Not to mention the humor in sending me an email like this of all people.

    Thanks for writing.

  3. This is one of those campaign issues that is a wash. Both campaigns are doing this.

  4. No doubt I just found it humorous that they would send me an email like this one.

  5. Maybe renting out homes to out of state campaign workers will become a cottage industry like renting to out of state sporting event attendees?



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