Saturday, October 16, 2010


The headline is correct. Mayoral candidate Greg Fischer in his quest to do anything to get elected has violated the law with his deal for Jackie Green to drop out and endorse him. Fischer should be disqualified and charges are forthcoming. Green will be charged as well.

According to KRS 121.055:

121.055 Candidates prohibited from making expenditure, loan, promise, agreement or contract as to action when elected, in consideration for vote.

No candidate for nomination or election to any state, county, city or district office shall expend, pay, promise, loan or become liable in any way for money or other thing of value, either directly or indirectly, to any person in consideration of the vote or financial or moral support of that person. No such candidate shall promise, agree or make a contract with any person to vote for or support any particular individual, thing or measure, in consideration for the vote or the financial or moral support of that person in any election, primary or nominating convention, and no person shall require that any candidate make such a promise, agreement or contract.

The law is clear and both Fischer and Green have violated it. While many have continually ignored this behavior in elections past as "that is just the way it is" this election will be different.

There will be charges.

According to Green's own public statements:
Green said he wants “significant” input in picking the leader of the Office of Sustainability that would be created in a Fischer administration. Green said he also wants an assurance that the office will have “authority and priority” in a Fischer administration.

Green said he may be the best person to run the office, or it might be someone else.

“That may merit my dropping out and endorsing him,” Green said. “What kind of commitment can he make to the Office of Sustainability, and can my team pick the head of that department?

“We want that kind of control and input of that office.”

Followed by this article from the CJ:
Jackie Green drops out of Louisville mayor race, endorses Greg Fischer The Courier-Journal.

Green said he decided to endorse Fischer after being assured that he will be given “significant input” in the structure of a new environmental office — called the Office of Sustainability — which the Democrat wants to create if he is elected.

Earlier Friday, Green told The Courier-Journal that he would only support Fischer if his campaign were allowed to select the director of that office. But ultimately, Green settled for less.

“That was as far as they could go, and as much as we could ask from them,” Green said of trading his endorsement for the promise of input into creating the office.

Fischer's quote?

“Jackie represents an important and growing voice in our community,” Fischer said. “I want to establish Louisville as one of America’s great cities and Jackie Green — and his many passionate supporters — can help with that vision.

By the way this breaking news report just in. PIGS CAN FLY! Or at least that is what they are trying to sell to us.

In other words Bull Shit.

Greg Fischer and Jackie Green pay attention. I will be filing charges myself if no one else will and I will win disqualifying you both.

Illegal? Of course it is but that doesn't always matter. Let's see what the Democratic judges have to say. Let's see if they care about the law or their own jobs first. Time will tell but I am looking forward to the fight.

In the meantime enjoy what little political life you guys have left.......


  1. Here's the official press release, this thing stinks to high hell

    Green Withdraws from Race,
    Endorses Fischer for Mayor
    Leading Independent Candidate Urges Supporters to Follow Suit

    From: The Green Team; October 15, 2010 - 7:14pm

    LOUISVILLE, KY - Saying that Greg Fischer is the best candidate to lead Louisville into the future, leading Independent candidate Jackie Green announced today that he’s withdrawing from the mayor’s race and endorsing Fischer.

    “Fischer’s vision for a sustainable Louisville represents our community’s best chance to improve our environment, support renewable energy and improve public transportation,” Green said.

    Fischer welcomes Green’s endorsement, saying he brought important issues to light in the mayor’s race.

    “Jackie represents an important and growing voice in our community. I appreciate his support, and I look forward to his continued input,” Fischer said. “I want to establish Louisville as one of America’s greenest cities and Jackie Green – and his many passionate supporters -- can help with that vision.”

    Fischer has announced plans to create the Office of Sustainability, a Cabinet-level department that reports directly to the mayor and works to make Louisville a greener city. Fischer said he will consult with Green to provide significant input to help structure that office.

    “Green can bring a very valuable perspective to the office,” Fischer said

  2. Green and Fischer are peas in a pod and quite frankly this is how the Democrats have always acted in this town. Collusion, back door illegal deals, the list goes on and on. Until I decided to take them on in the King case no one has ever dared to challenge them.

    Green has been playing damage control since it got out. He first sent an email confirming it only to claim someone had hijacked his email account and he didn't state that.

    then he followed up with yet another email confirming it.

    Green is an idiot and Fischer is really scared of losing or he wouldn't have wasted time with him.

    Charges will be brought and they will play out. I will do them myself if necessary.

    As King and others in this town are fully aware, I at least will stand up in the interest of the people for fairness and I hope others do as well.

    Thanks for writing.

  3. This is one of the major reasons why Independent Kentucky had not endorsed Jackie Greens campaign. It was shown early on in Jackie Green’s C-J interview where he said the only reason he was running as an Independent was for more time to explain his platform. I believe he openly said he would have been a Democrat. Independent Kentucky has no issue with either party or their candidates. We have a problem with trying to use the Independent Movement!

  4. Ed- Is there legal precedent for enforcing this promising an "other thing of value"?

    Also, it's important to note that if this is a violation, the more significant violations would have been Fischer's early promise to retain Chief White, and his promise Thursday night to retain Jerry Abramson's four appointments to the Bridges Authority.


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