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Thanks to the stories I have been publishing lately about Metro Council District 6 this race is heating up. As everyone knows by now Councilman George Unseld's untimely passing left a huge void in the Council and whoever wins that seat has big shoes to fill both figuratively and literally.

In the interim Independent candidate, and current Councilman Deonte Hollowell, was chosen as a compromise candidate to fill the Council seat until the general election on November 2. Many people were surprised by this announcement to be sure but no one was more surprised than Democrat Ken Herndon who had actively lobbied for the seat and believed he was the heir apparent. Many in the community agreed. To an extent.

But then Ken Herndon was bypassed by the Democratic party in favor of nominating David James to be the nominee on behalf of the party for the November election. Got all that yet?

Ken decided he didn't like that outcome either so he filed to run as a write in candidate which is perfectly legal.

But there are problems now.

It seems behind the scenes the Democratic party is imploding over this whole mess. Judy Greene is working for Ken Herndon behind the scenes regardless of her public statements that she would support the party nominee. State Democratic Party treasurer, and current Metro Councilman David Tandy, is working on behalf of Independent Deonte Hollowell against the by laws of the Democratic party, and David James is being attacked from many fronts and accused of being a Jim King insider.

A whole lot of negative to be sure but honestly I have not seen the negative come from David James or Deonte Hollowell.

With so much going on one would think we were voting for President but I digress.

Their is a point of contention going on behind the scenes that has now spilled out to the public thanks to who? Yep Ken Herndon.

Ken has not been shy about doing anything and everything he can to get this seat, including challenging the entire Democratic Party itself, yet there is questionable behavior from Ken Herndon at this point and these questions need answers.

It involves a youth program called the California Jets who are well known throughout District 6 and whether they are endorsing anyone to fill George Unseld's shoes.

Ken Herndon is passing around literature claiming that he has a whole host of supporters including the backing of the California Jets youth league Board. He includes a letter with a list of names that include Jets President Latanya Hawkins and it looks authentic right?

The problem?

This letter from the Jets clearly sent AFTER the ballot had been decided.

It is interesting that Herndon would use the first letter and display the name of Ms. Hawkins on behalf of the Jets as supporting his write in candidacy. Ms. Hawkins has denied, on behalf of the Jets, endorsing anyone in this race. The second letter clearly states as much and includes her signature as President of the Jets.

Ms. Hawkins told me herself that "we are not endorsing anyone in this race. The only thing we ask is that whoever wins fulfills the commitments Councilman Unseld held dear and follows in his footsteps."

When I alerted Ms. Hawkins to the fact that Ken Herndon was using this letter publicly and showing that the Jets do indeed endorse him she had no knowledge of it. I believe her. Who would not remember letting someone use their name publicly like this?

She told me that the Jets DID back Ken Herndon during the special vote session of the Council, when they were seeking to replace the late Councilman Unseld, because at that time he was the only one they knew in the District that was running. The Council chose differently and that was the extent of the involvement of the Jets.

This was prior to any nominating process or candidates on the ballot for November.

Since the first letter clearly uses an attack on David James (who was not a candidate during the special vote), shows Ken Herndon as a write in candidate (he wasn't since he was waiting on the nominating process by the Democratic Party), then the Jets clearly could not have made the endorsement Herndon claims they did.

Folks that is a major problem with integrity by Ken Herndon.

To imply someone has endorsed you when the evidence shows they haven't is a huge problem for many. It is also a sad testament once again to the depths a candidate would go to get elected.

Think about it. The California Jets are a youth organization and their football team is a bright spot for the community. How can they answer this?

Do they publicly state that Ken Herndon lied when he could possibly be their next Councilman and they will need help from his discretionary fund to help the kids?

Do they say they support Ken Herndon as a write in only to see him lose on election day and then have to face David James or Deonte Hollowell and ask for money?

This is the "back them into a corner strategy" but a strategy I don't accept.

The Jets are a youth league and there are kids involved. To make a blatant misrepresentation of the facts that will affect this program, one way or the other when all is said and done, makes a mockery of integrity and character in elections.

Quite honestly it is a slap in the face to the late George Unseld as well.

This is a matter of truth in advertising by someone who publicly seeks our confidence and vote.

I am not impressed by Herndon's antics in many ways but have remained silent. I gave him the benefit of the doubt because of the negative attacks against him in 2008 that were beyond belief. Ken has been using this as a catalyst for some time now and has been playing the victim card this whole campaign. Fair enough how he campaigns is his business.

This case is different. You do not misrepresent kids or the groups that represent them.

To do so is telling.


  1. Ed. I fear someone has mislead you with a document that is allegedly forged.

    Here's a picture just provided by Tammy Hawkins, President of the California Jets, of Ken accepting the endorsement from the Jets:

  2. Curt unfortunately in this case you have been misled and are being used by Ken and Hawkins. The picture Ken is using is an old one not recent. Hawkins herself told me they were doing no endorsement. Hawkins then made a sailor proud in her phone call to me after posting this article. Good thing I record tjose kind of calls for publication later.

    Be careful in this one Curt my friend seriously. Hawkins and Herndon have problems in this one.

  3. I looked at that picture and it has Kens old signs, not the current "write in" on them. Looks like Tammy got caught playing Ken and David maybe for her own personal gain. Ed, maybe you should call her boss and see what is going on since he signed the document.Ed I would do some of your "magic" and get to the bottom of this. I am sure there is more than meets the eye on Ms. Hawkins.

  4. Quinn T. Chipley, M.A., M.D.October 17, 2010 at 11:47 AM

    Actually, Ms. Latonya Hawkins and I sat at table Saturday Evening, Oct. 16, 2010 at 8:00 p.m. She definitively and energetically stated that she had never seen the document you posted, that the signature at the bottom associated with her printed name is not hers, and that the California Jets organization does not even have a letterhead. She also stated her support and the organization's support for Ken Herndon's candidacy.

  5. Interesting on the signs anonymous I hadn't even noticed that.

  6. Dr. Chipley? Is this the same Doctor Ms Hawkins allegedly works for? If so nice try. If not then maybe you could ask for proof.

    As you can see this site allows all comments and Ms Hawkins was told to please write her comments and respond.

    Of course she didnt want to hear that instead opting to scream about what a no good white moth** fu***r and dirty SOB I was on the phone.

    No biggie but since she is continually LYING because of some deal Ken has made with her then I must out the truth.

    Ken has stirred the pot once again and you guys are falling for it.

    I will no longer be silent on that in this race.

    As of Wednesday when I get the info I have already requested back you will see who is the problem here. You will also see why she shoudl not be around children or involve din any organization.

    The records are on every member of the Jets board including all court and Judicial records on Ms. Hawkins, Ms. Washington, and Mr. Mitchell.

    Sorry folks the game by Herndon and these cronies ends now.

    Stay tuned...............

  7. Wow...Dr. Chipley has to give all his credentials to leave a comment..hmmm...listed just like the site from University of Louisville.

  8. Quinn T. Chipley, M.A., M.D.October 17, 2010 at 9:06 PM

    Ms. Hawkins does not have any connection with me in any capacity in the work place. My opinions and observations have have no connection to any aspect of my employment and do not reflect any policies of my employer. My postings are not made using any materials or equipment from my employment. Credentials in the form of listed degrees are commonly attached to signed materials as courtesy to those who choose to reply according to traditional guidelines of etiquette. I trust that these clarifications will help move the discussion from a pointless "ad hominem" focus and back to the issues of an important campaign. I can, now, see why respondents might choose the "Anonymous" option for reply despite the fact that such a choice would seem to betray the strength of conviction civil debate demands.

  9. Dr. Thanks for the clarification. Seriously. As far as ad hominem attacks? Sir quite honestly those attacks are brought forth by Herndon and Hawkins.

    Additionally you may want to read the next article I am releasing in a few minutes.

    Herndon AND Hawkins just jeopardized the non profit status of the Jets by this political game of endorsements as non profits cannot endorse candidates.

    Mr. Herndon knows this and Ms Hawkins should.

    By the way I allow all comments on this site but truly do appreciate you using your name. It shows character and guts. If you state it stand behind it and I respect that.

    Thanks for writing.


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