Friday, January 21, 2011


It seems the story I did yesterday on Jefferson County Attorney Mike O'Connell has hit a nerve Louisville News and Politics: LMAS,COUNTY ATTORNEY MIKE O'CONNELL, AND 7 YEAR OLDS..... . I am being told by folks in his office he blew a gasket and is searching for the leak so he can fire them. Fire them Mike?

Um Mike O'Connell there are many leaks ;-). Multiple inside sources confirmed this. Unless you plan on firing the whole Department ease up. If you retaliate against employees for doing something to change an illegal situation in the County Attorney's office, where your job is to uphold the law no less, then you prove once again that your office is corrupt.

I will continue investigating and will out the other stories I have soon folks so keep your head up when working. Believe me I have much to disclose as it is. By the way use the whistle blower laws to help you. It would end this much quicker :-)

Early reports say that the Jim King case I have been pursuing for over two years is wrapping up. I am being told that Special Prosecutor Hart Megibben has finalized the report and will be forwarding it to AG Conway's office. After all this time and resources being spent, I am being told that Megibben will be telling AG Jack Conway that he does not believe he has enough evidence to secure a conviction.

What does that mean?

It gives Jack Conway an easy out to avoid prosecuting Jim and Katie King. It does not mean they found no wrongdoing.

Regardless of what Conway does, or doesn't do, I promised when I set out on this investigation that I would stay with it until its conclusion. At this point it seems we have reached that conclusion if my source is accurate and they usually are.

I have done all I can and the end of this case is near. Many thanks to all who have supported me throughout this with words of encouragement. Believe me there were many times I was overwhelmed and needed it to keep going with this. It is hard being a one man show on occasion.

In the meantime much was accomplished. My efforts led to the largest known fine in Kentucky election history to date totalling $30,000 combined between Jim and Katie King, and we forced the discussion into what should, or should not be acceptable in campaign financing.

This case was necessary to pursue and both sides suffered in this.

Jim King lost the Mayoral election due in large part to this case. I lost financially as well. Advertisers and others were reluctant to support someone as controversial as I am for standing up to politicians and involving myself in this process.

Yep I was flat out told I was being blackballed from very credible corporate insiders. King was not alone in suffering losses. With that said however, I have not, and will not give up on the mission I set out to do with your help.

We will continue exposing corruption and the MyViewMatters radio show will live on as recently announced to help us continue towards that end.

That's it for now and thanks for reading!


  1. Everyone on the Police Department are still outraged what O'Connell did to Glenda Bradshaw!! Glenda...please call on us for character witnesses. Keep your head up and take this bully on and please run again!
    I see O'Connell's employees everyday in the courthouse and they are all miserable and in fear of their jobs. Now his son is a new police officer. I can only hope his son in nothing like him and he distances himself from his father. O'Connell we didn't support you in this past election and we never will. You are a bully, liar and a thief!!

  2. Will the KSP Special Investigations Unit investigate this if Jack Conway ( AG )prooves to be spineless in this public corruption case ?

    Was O'Connell under oath when he went to Metro Council and asked for the money to give a 2% raise to all of his employees of the County Attorney Office ?

    What is going to happen when he goes to Metro Council for a budget this year ?

  3. There is a reason that O'Connell did not recieve the FOP endorsement for the November 2010 elections.

  4. Jack Conway will not have a choice to investigate..he is running again...lets put his feet to the fire. Most democrats do not like O'Connell...get rid of him.

  5. Sad thing is Jack is part of the machine that does it. Chances of him doing anything election or not are slim though I will do what I can to force him to.

    Thanks for writing.


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