Monday, January 24, 2011


It is official. There is a new entry into the Republican primary for Governor and the name is Bobbi Holsclaw. Wow I actually typed that with a straight face. It seems Ms. Holsclaw thinks that by maintaining an office Rebecca Jackson transformed is qualification to be Governor. I disagree.

There are many people within her Department that have tons of stories to tell and now they will surely come forward. In the meantime what has Bobbi actually accomplished? From the outside looking in admittedly, not much.

We will get into a lot of this in the coming weeks and months but in the meantime the real question is does she have any shot?

In my opinion no. Holsclaw has not even been able to find a legitimate running mate being turned down by many people who feel she just is not qualified. That is alarming in itself. Add in the fact that she will make a total of 2 people from Louisville seeking the job and well you get the drift.

The reality is that even a strong candidate from Louisville has a major uphill climb much less someone who doesn't have a strong name or backing. So the real question is who does she hurt?

Phil Moffett is a major outsider who many feel does not have a real chance either but he does have tea party support. Holsclaw fares less support than even that. If Moffett has any shot, even as long as it is, it would require carrying basically all of Louisville to offset the advantage Williams has throughout the rest of the Commonwealth.

Holsclaw will take votes away from Moffett period and that can only help Williams in Louisville.

Many have been asking me where is the rant on Jim King now that the special prosecutor has declined to prosecute. Why rant?

I told everyone from the beginning that the plan was to wait for the KREF to rule making it easier for the AG's office to decline prosecution. They did and it worked. It was no surprise whatsoever and full expected. Plausible deniability at its best.

Special Prosecutor Hart Megibben told me at the very onset that getting an indictment based on the charges would be easy to do. It was in short a no brainer BUT he would not get one if he could not guarantee a conviction.

Of course I argued then about that scenario. I mean how can anyone guarantee a conviction in any case? Look at how many indictments get done and how many convictions there are. The number is small. Oh there are plea agreements out the butt but generally those are done because there is no such thing as a guaranteed conviction. As a prosecutor you take what you can get.

The law is clear on the point of contention and the acts committed were illegal. Period. Politics played the most important role in this from the beginning and the decision was made accordingly.

It is out of my hands. I sacrificed over 2 years, thousands of hours, and money from my pocket to do the right thing. I feel confident I have done all I could.

I suggest we remember these types of actions when we elect people to office in the future to avoid repeats. This applies to ALL elected officials.

Finally, just a reminder. MyViewMatters Radio will begin airing on February 7 at 9 am. A new daily show Mon-Friday and will continue to bring the open honest discussion thousands of you have asked us to bring back.

Until next time folks!


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  2. lmao. Is that the best you have? At least attempt to be creative but of course we know how hard that is for cowards who have to hide behind anonymity.

    Of course I could go ahead and out your identity but where is the fun in that?

    Oh yeah I forgot. Thanks for writing .

  3. PS you can get in someone's "craw" but I believe you meant crawl. So much for "anonymous" drunk typists at 3 am lol


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