Tuesday, January 25, 2011


The last few days at County Attorney Mike O'Connell's office have been interesting I am told but what I really like is his answer to Rick Redding over at LouisvilleKy.com. Check this story out here: UPDATED: Pay for Play in O’Connell’s Office? LouisvilleKY. I love his letter to Redding.

The County Attorney’s Office has operated very effectively under my predecessors. I have made few changes.

A meeting on January 3, 2011, preceding the statutory swearing in of Assistant County Attorneys, was the ideal time to address my expectations to the attorneys who, by law, serve as my appointed assistants.

Those expectations include:

· Competence
· Diligence
· Intelligence
· Loyalty

When discussing loyalty, I explained that the County Attorney’s Office is elective. I do expect their support in carrying out my policies the public. That expectation of support extends to candidates whose political campaigns I support. Those will be candidates who support the mission of this office and enable us to maintain one of the highest DUI conviction rates in the nation, convict more than 80% of domestic violence perpetrators and collect more than $79 million in child support annually.

I explained all of this very directly for the benefit of my at-will attorneys, so that they had a clear idea of the standard for success in this office under my administration.

No one is or has been required to contribute money either to my campaign or to a candidate I support.

I will ignore the conviction of 80% of domestics for now, as that may be a faulty stat, but I love how he leads in with competence. Heck many question whether O'Connell himself is competent or not. Myself included.

Intelligence is yet another questionable trait. But what I really like is this sentence in his response:

I do expect their support in carrying out my policies the public. That expectation of support extends to candidates whose political campaigns I support.

Um isn't that part of what we have been saying here at Louisville News?

He just admitted that they are expected to carry out his policies that include supporting his candidates for office.

O'Connell perhaps you know online vernacular so figure this one out. LMAO. You clearly just inadvertently admitted one part of my allegations. Of course there is even more to his response as well such as the veiled threat against employees.

Reread and notice how he makes sure he includes the whole at will language about HIS attorneys being his appointed assistants.

The message from O'Connell with that statement is a simple one. In effect he is telling them through this publicized letter "you only have a job as long as I decide you do."

Keep dreaming O'Connell. For you attorneys who actually believe this rhetoric research labor law. O'Connell cannot get rid of you without cause whether he wants to or not without repercussions. If he is downsizing the office for example and eliminating jobs that's valid. He can not arbitrarily dismiss anyone without cause. There are many Supreme Court cases on record against folks like O'Connell who think they are above labor law.

This City has a history of losing when it comes to labor practice lawsuits. Think about it guys. You are smarter than to be "scared straight" by this agenda. Hell O'Connell himself helps pursue these idiotic labor lawsuits Abramson always fought that have cost we the citizens and taxpayers millions.

To date O'Connell has lost them all. So much for his knowledge of labor laws.

For any of you staffers and/or attorneys if you want help. Do one thing. Call me and go on record. No one should have to work in fear when they are doing their job properly. No one.

For Mike O'Connell? Quit worrying about who the leak is and fix the problems. The fact is a simple one. You are trying to plug one hole in a water bed thinking it will then keep you warm and dry. The problem?

There are multiple leaks and you can't plug them all.

Check out Rick Redding at http://www.louisvilleky.com/ and see if there are any more messages from O'Connell.

Somehow I almost bet that there will be.

Stay tuned folks.......

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  1. thanks for the plug, Ed. And yes, there's a new response from O'Connell up there today.


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