Wednesday, January 26, 2011


You just have to love this Democrat controlled Metro Council don't you? I mean while the rest of the community is trying to bring attention to problems and seeking help what does the Democrat majority on the Council do to help?

Spend their time whining about the media. Come on guys really?

Kudos to those at LEO such as Phillip Bailey for continuing to out the problems at LMAS. Throw Jake Payne in there over at thevillevoice as well with his recent addition of the LMAS Rainbow Bridge.

Check out Bailey's most recent article in this week's LEO and you will see what I mean:

It is pathetic at best isn't it? Tom Owen worried about being on the defensive. He should be. If the Council were doing their job correctly they would have nothing to worry about. Yep Tom has abused his position as well and will be outed soon ;-)

I love how Rick Blackwell, Abramson sell out and ethics violator himself is crying and going on the attack against Republican Ken Fleming over of all things ethics. Blackwell would not know ethical behavior if it slapped him in the face.

This is the same guy who threw out ethics charges against Bob Henderson even after federal court records proved Henderson was lying in sworn testimony during the whistleblower lawsuit concerning MSD filed by Sarah Lynne Cunningham. Search this site for more on that.

I mean how much whining can one insignificant self serving metro moron do?

From Leo:
In response to unflattering news coverage about the aforementioned issues, Councilman Rick Blackwell, D-12, called for more accountability from the local press, particularly from the C-J’s Metro reporter, Dan Klepal, whom he referred to as “the Republican writer” during the meeting, before launching into a missive about Councilman Ken Fleming, R-7, who co-sponsored the amended ethics ordinance and is often quoted in news stories as a result.

“We need to do some PR work. It frustrates me that Ken Fleming … is now the guru of ethics. Every article about anything ethical goes back to Fleming,” Blackwell said. “We got to do something to balance that a little bit as a caucus. I don’t think Fleming should have the reins on that.”

Um Blackwell Fleming co sponsored the bill and obviously as such should be asked questions about it. It is common sense and most people who are not teachers even get that. Perhaps you should learn to comprehend before we allow you to continue teaching our kids.

Additionally, Blackwell does not appear to have many friends at his school these days, as some have reported to me that many of his colleagues are getting quite tired of him ditching school lying about hiding behind Metro Council business. Of course many have told me exactly who he is spending his time with when not in class but hey that is another story as well. Seems he cannot do either job right but he sure is compensated well for substandard results eh?

Really $42,500 a year for a part time job that even today he still does not have a clue about?

Judy Green? What can be said about this train wreck. Someone who was outed right here because she doesn't have a clue. Someone who has some serious ethical baggage from her own self titled Green Team doesn't seem to get why the issues surrounding her are so important to us all.

Even Brent Ackerson gets that much “But I do vote on what’s going on with the Green Team and other things,” Ackerson responded. “And to not acknowledge it is kind of saying maybe it will go away. It’s not going away, and if it’s just empowering us with the knowledge, why not? If it’s out there, it’s out there.”

While Brent acts like he was blindsided with questions, we all know the Council members check the media daily, he is right that knowledge empowers all of us.

Besides why attack LEO's Phillip Bailey when I am the one who initially broke the story that Bailey latched onto without giving credit. Hmm ethics?

Are you scared Council critters that you can't hide anymore? You haven't seen anything yet.

Don't like it? Then quit, resign, leave politics, or maybe by some freak accident try and do the right thing for once in your miserable public lives and serve we the people fairly and equally as you promised to do.

If not I have some news for you that you already know.

Those like myself are not going away.

Whine all you want but no one will be happier than many of us when we finally run out of things to write about. And that is up to you. Do it right we shut up.

Do it wrong and you empower us. It is your choice but really do one thing.

Quit your own damn whining and be adults. Accept responsibility for your miserable failures and work to correct them. Crying about how unfair the media is only proves just how bad you are doing your job.

Just sayin'.


  1. Ed,

    Thanks for the shout out.

    For clarification, I just wanted to point out that I wasn't aware you had written anything about Councilwoman Judy Green until after my column ran Jan. 12.

    And after reading your post it appears you only ran the case file numbers with a brief explanation of the parties involved. Our reporting went a bit further in my view and clarified specifics.

    I don't think that's "latching" on to your post as much as doing our own and running a story. And once again, I had no prior knowledge of your original post until someone brought it to my attention after the story ran.

    Overall, I like what the bloggers do and think they're a valued voice in local media, which can be competitive.

    However, I think it's important to note that unlike bloggers — who often work solo — we have editors and an editorial standard that must be met.

  2. Phillip thanks for writing. I always give a shout out to you when I can. As you know and as I have told you on many occasions you do excellent work and I enjoy reading your columns.

    As far as the Judy Green case is concerned I led the story and set up the second article (just like mainstream does in their stories) and you ran the specifics on the cases I cited before I laid them out.

    As you know I then gave you credit for that article as well.

    No one did the Green story until after i laid it out so yep it was a slight not to get a mention as a source.

    If you didn't know about it then fair enough. I have never known you to play unfair and will not accuse you of that now. You have always had integrity when it comes to anything I do and are one of the few who blog I think highly of.

    Thanks for the clarification but I would add one thing. The last sentence of your response seems to infer that "bloggers" generally meet no standards and to a degree that is a blanket statement that may offend some.

    Throughout this site you will find that many of us do meet burden of proof standards. As in all things I lay out my opinions but I always back up my charges as I did with Green's case numbers.

    And of course there are many who honestly don't and we would agree on that.

    Keep up the good work and I will talk to you soon.

    ITS JUST NOT IN HER MAKEUP.....tee hee hee

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