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It keeps getting better doesn't it? How a train wreck criminal like Judy Green is still in office defies logic. The Courier Journal today ran yet another story against Councilwoman Green concerning the 100 Black Men organization Metro councilwoman Judy Green implicated in rerouting of grant money The Courier-Journal

Any questions?

Admittedly I knew this story was coming on Thursday and I could have ran a story that circumvented the CJ and screwed them on the "exclusive." But why do that?

Dan Klepal did good work on this story and should have gotten the credit. While others continue to take credit for "scoops" they did not have, CJ and LEO time to start giving credit where it is due, I am the one who outed the Green's tax liens, lawsuits, and other problems including their foster parenting back in December. Check this out Louisville News and Politics: CASE AGAINST COUNCILWOMAN JUDY GREEN IS HEATING UP, or this one Louisville News and Politics: JUDY GREEN STORY RAISING MANY RED FLAGS.

All with no credit given by LEO or the CJ. Yep Louisville News was the first to bring about this discussion and the first as well to mention Curtis Reynolds.

Scoops? We had the scoops they try to take credit for. Not much ethical about journalism it would appear either right CJ, LEO, and others? But enough about that. You can do the timeline and verify yourself at this point.

The story today is Judy Green once again being unethical and illegal in her dealings. And what makes it all the more interesting is the way she is reacting. According to Jake over at thevillevoice (see I always give credit where it is due)
Judy Green’s Having A Good Time These Days, there was an altercation between Green and Phillip Bailey, formerly of LEO now at WFPL,

"...lost her bananas on Phillip Bailey in the lobby of the radio station this evening. Hollering, clamoring, threatening, calling him scum.

Tons of witnesses.

That’s on top of attacking him on-air for having the audacity to write about her because she’s black (the nerve of Phillip!)… because, you know, the man is keeping her ass down. "

Imagine calling a black man scum for writing a disparaging story about a black elected official.

Green's own actions are color blind regardless of the reporter. It is a story of greed and corruption that is found throughout our history and truly is color blind. The only color in this case that needs to be mentioned is Green. The color of money, not necessarily Judy's last name.

Never mind that Phillip Bailey is an African American as well and going off on him like he was keeping her down should be an insult to the African American community. But look a little deeper if you will.

“It was made clear upfront that some of the money would be redirected … and that (Green's office) would tell us where to redirect it,” Rob Jordan, president of 100 Black Men, said in an interview last week.

The arrangement also was confirmed to the newspaper by Charles Alexander III, who is the treasurer of 100 Black Men and Green's political campaigns.

“We were just trying to expedite the process,” he said.

Rob Jordan President of 100 black men, also African American, and Charles Alexander III, her own political campaign treasurer, made the same statements. How can it be that the African Americans are now the "man" trying to keep her down?

The color of "green" is not exclusive to the African American community. The white community has a long list of those who are illegal and unethical like Judy Green as well. Black or white is not the issue here.

The color green is.

These charges are from leaders in the African American community themselves. Not because Judy is black but because she is misusing the green.

Perhaps Judy Green's own racist attitude is to blame here. I mean it is becoming quite apparent by her actions and words that she is racist, in my opinion anyway. No perhaps we can not allow Judy Green and anyone like her to try and make racism the story in this case.

This case is about greed, corruption, and criminal behavior by an elected official period. It does not matter if Judy Green is white or black. Her OWN actions brought forth these problems and the responsibility is hers and hers alone.

For years there is a history by the Green's of possible theft and it is public record. From the disbarment of her husband, who voluntarily gave up his law license to avoid prosecution for what I have been told is theft charges, to the mismanaging of our tax money, to identity theft and credit card fraud, these choices were Judy Green's alone. It really isn't and never will be a racist black or white thing. It is a Green thing. Period.

While others did not focus on the credit card fraud, we at Louisville News and MyViewMatters radio did. Proof? Check out this story done once again before anyone else decided to focus on the credit cards Louisville News and Politics: WHAT'S NEXT CAN JUDY GREEN GET AWAY WITH MURDER TOO?.

Check out the MyViewMatters radio show here Last week we spent hours on this story.

No Judy Green this is your color problem not the African American community. The color of green.

Unless of course you want to include Renee Murphy of WHAS11 or Stephan Johnson at FOX41 for giving you the softball interviews without disclosing the fact that you are friends through your church St. Stephen Baptist. Wonder how "schooled" you were by these so called "journalists."

Granting softball interviews to these African American reporters after snubbing the caucasian reporters in Bennett Haeberle of FOX and Joe Arnold of WHAS11 makes one question who the real racist is. No if there is racism here it is on your part Judy Green.

In the meantime for those of you who are interested in "scoops" pay attention. CJ and LEO, among others, are the ones who are following the leader.

I must say, if imitation truly is the sincerest form of flattery then these guys are making me a star.....

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