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Man oh man who would ever have guessed this Judy Green story would still be going on today. So much has been uncovered and more will be just wait for it. In the meantime I love how stories I unleashed in December are now being claimed as "new" news by others today. It isn't even worth giving them free hits on their sites anymore by outing them.

This one of course refers to the $100,000 forgivable loan that was approved by the Green's but no one has confirmed that they received it yet. I reported on this one in December. Yep another first for Louisville News. Additionally, Judy Green received a subrogation from a lien against her by the feds reported last week on the MyViewMatters Radio Show. That one is being investigated as we speak.

Yep another first.

Speaking of MyViewMatters Radio check out last night's show here. Eddie Woods of the LIFE Institute is the guy accused by Judy Green of mishandling the Green Clean team project even though the LMPD Public Integrity Unit said it was run by Judy and James Green. Eddie Woods was on the show last night here:
MyViewMatters Radio Show 3/8/2011 - MyViewMatters Internet Radio Blog Talk Radio.

Woods denies any involvement and I believe him. Much thanks to Mr. Woods who literally lays his life on the line to work with troubled youth and he gets treated like this by Green?

To my knowledge this is the first on air interview with Mr. Woods in this whole ordeal.

Yep another first.

We sure are racking them up aren't we? The time is now for mainstream, and others, to start giving credit where it is due. But I digress.

Today once again there is more to add to this Green mess of a story.

Metro Council President Jim King has asked for the Ethics Commission to expand its hearing this month on councilwoman Judy Green and for a city audit review of all Neighborhood Development Fund grants over $5,000 over the past two years.
Council head calls for discretionary fund issue to be added to Judy Green hearing The Courier-Journal

I agree with King. In his role as Metro Council President it is only right that he would seek this avenue. No question. King said he thinks it is important for all allegations against Green to be dealt with as soon as possible.

“It’s important to wrap both up simultaneously … and we shouldn't leave that to chance,” King said in an interview. “My belief is it would be appropriate for the committee to communicate with the Ethics Commission to confirm the complaint has been amended” to include the new allegations.

“If it hasn’t … the committee should take necessary steps to amend the complaint itself.”

We must get rid of Judy Green once and for all and this would help keep other charges from coming up later. Get it out there, deal with it, and move on.

Here is another first I posted on facebook last night on behalf of Louisville News.

According to sources, I am being told that Judy Green's Legislative Aide, Andrea Jackson, has been demoted to a lesser position behind the scenes. Though Green's web page is not reflecting the change I am being told that St. Stephen Baptist has once again come to her aid by installing one of their own staff to work through this thus subrogating Andrea Jackson. I will out the name later today after verification. We are working on that now.

If so it is one more example of the St Stephen gang getting involved in something they should not be. Just how deep does St. Stephen's Kevin Cosby's reach go? We will find out at Louisville News but based on some reports I have been getting it will astound you.

Softball interviews by St. Stephen's chosen ones, and Judy Green friends, Renee Murphy over at WHAS11 and Stephan Johnson at FOX41, to now St. Stephen rumoredly "loaning" one of their staffers to aid Judy Green in her Metro office.

Hmm so much for separation of Church and State huh?

In the meantime get ready for it folks this is the story that just will not die.

Stay tuned.......

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