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It seems a firestorm of sorts has been started thanks to a Denise Bentley post on facebook urging folks to contact her so they can "send a message" to Judy Green's accuser. Well naturally since I am the accuser I wrote on the post to contact me with any message she (they) may have. I back my charges 100%.

Of course it didn't take long at that point to be attacked for being a racist by Green's daughter Jessica. After pointing out the obvious that I actually do have a record of going after corrupt officials regardless of race (in fact Judy Green is the first African American politician I have charged with anything) then Bentley censors the comments and takes them down presumably to save Jessica Green the embarrassment of being caught playing the race card.

Of course now I am being told there was a meeting that took place involving Green, Bentley, and Mattie Jones that included a few local pastors at the Justice Resource Center to discuss what they can do to Ray Barker and believe it or not Jim King.

Whether true or not based on the whole facebook comment of "sending a message," and knowing how the game is played, I believe there is probably some truth to that meeting. We shall see quickly I am sure.

But with all that said some things must be pointed out. Quite simply by playing the race card herself, Judy Green and her supporters have proven who is the real racist in this whole scheme. I mean how can you justify the things Green has done?

Green is not the first politican to abuse her power, and undoubtedly won't be the last, but never have I seen someone so desperate as to play the race card against her own race in an attempt to get away with it.

Judy Green has tried that card already against those such as Phillip Bailey, a prominent reporter at WFPL who also is African American, Barbara Shanklin, Metro Councilperson for the Newburg District, and once again a prominent African American, all the way down to Ray Barker a retired police officer. Oh yeah African American as well.

The reality is that Green and her ilk have no one to blame for their fallacies but themselves and the race card is the only card they have left to play. Anyone who would say otherwise is in it for themselves not the people.

Not all of us, African Americans or white, buy into the whole race card mentality. No it would seem that those like politician Judy Green and those who benefit personally by playing the race card are the ones at fault here. They forget about the people they supposedly "serve." It is disturbing to see that gamne being played today. We cannot move beyond racism when prominent people in the community continue relying on it as a way for them to gain and maintain control.

How can you explain why so many within the community have turned their backs on Judy Green and Denise Bentley? I get calls everyday these days thanking me for doing this and holding Green accountable. Yep from those in her district and Louisville wide. It doesn't seem the race card is playing well and for that I am grateful.

For a racist I guess I should have never charged Council President Jim King, never challenged the likes of Council members Bob Henderson, Vickie Welch, or Rick Blackwell. All white folk.

Remember the Abramson comments concerning "poorer,blacker, and older?" I was the one who outed that against the former Mayor. Last I saw he was white as well.

There is no excuse for racism at any level or on any side of the equation. Holding political leaders accountable is not only a right we have as American citizens, but an obligation. And that folks defies any color barriers.

Sadly, the race label just won't stick to me nor should it stick with Ray Barker. Barker is a retired police officer, commonly known throughout the community for his "Sir Friendly C" persona as a rapper working with kids to stay away from drugs. White and black. He has proven to be a stalwart citizen in the community. He is a prime example of how each of us can succeed in life regardless of color.

When folks like Judy Green, Jessica Green, or Denise Bentley continue playing that race card they demean the intelligence of ALL of us white or black. And that simply is unacceptable. While that has worked in years past for the political ilk of those like Green, I have faith that most folks today are intent on moving forward not backward in our thinking.

Each of us share in this world and each of us have a duty to respect one another. Regardless of race. I spend my time with those of every creed, color, and nationality each and everyday without forgetting that we are all human. Color does not make us what we are our choices do.

That alone decides our fate so make better choices than to fall for this divisive idiocy that benefits the few at the expense of the many. The facts are simple Judy Green committed an intentional act for her own gain. She abused power for votes. She even admitted at the hearing that only a 501(c)3 could get a grant and admitted that the agencies involved in her scheme were not at the time 501(c)3 entities.

She even admitted there were other ways they could have received funding. Admitted, after initially denying any remembrance, that SHE presented the grant to the appropriations committee that SHE herself sat on. SHE also voted to approve the request never once alerting the committee of her plan to "pass through" the monies illegally to other entities.

Want a list of Judy Green's problems?

* took out a credit card in Assistant's Andrea Jackson' name without her permission running the total up to $25,000,

*Accepted $600 cash from a liquor store owner in her District according to witnesses Andrea Jackson and former aide Melody Hill,

*According to court documents, Green owes $55,411 to the Internal Revenue Service for taxes going back to 1998, $371 to the city for a civil penalty she has failed to pay since 2009, as well as an outstanding $374,896 student loan, stemming from a judgment that goes back to 1989,

*used the Green Clean team as a cash cow to pay her kids,

*illegally ordered a grant recipient (100 Black Men) to ask for more money than needed and redirected those funds to those who would not qualify for them on their own merit as a way to garner votes,

*after blaming aides for the "pass through" monies to the orgs outside of the 100 black men, Green finally admitted that she had directed them to do so after intense questioning to get at the truth,

*public statements by the 100 Black Men President himself, “It was made clear upfront that some of the money would be redirected … and that (Green’s office) would tell us where to redirect it,” Rob Jordan, president of 100 Black Men,

The arrangement also was confirmed to the newspaper by Charles Alexander III, who is the treasurer of 100 Black Men and Green’s political campaigns.

You can read most of this either here or at WFPL.

Folks I don't know about you but the proof, as they say, is in the pudding.

Quite frankly, this pudding is fouled and that is not a racist thing.

That's reality...........

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  1. Does Jessica believe that Phillip M. Bailey is also a racist?

    Yeah, it's really a silly accusation. Just look past it and just keep doing what you do, Ed.


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