Sunday, November 6, 2011


STUPID COP TRICKS courtesy Jefferson County Constable David Whitlock.

EXCLUSIVE!! The following video is dangerous, unsafe and could very well have killed this young man. This is not a stunt for Jackass, Scare Tactics or Punk'd nor is it a stupid human trick video from Youtube. This is actual video of supposed 'Police Training' conducted by David Whitlock's Constable's Office, aka "Kentucky Constable Association".

David Whitlock has a long and famous fascination with video and guns. This time it might be his undoing.

They take shots at each other with no fear of consequences. The following video is of Constable David Whitlock's illegal Deputy from Shepherdsville, Mike Stephens shooting Cody Whitaker in the chest for fun. Cody is only 18 years old and not eligible to be a law enforcement officer in Kentucky until he is 21 under state law. So why is Cody participating in LIVE FIRE training exercise that under any standard is inherently dangerous, unsafe and in no way conforms to any training standards observed by any police department in the nation?


From what I understand they took the load out of the bullet but as you can see there was still significant damage to Whitaker. But hey don't feel too bad.

Sources tell me that Whitlock actually gave Whitaker a badge at age 17 while Stephens supplied a Glock for him to carry and impersonate a police officer. Trust me there is more coming this week stay tuned!

The truly sad part about this situation is that even if David Whitlock is arrested, indicted and convicted of yet another Felony he will remain a Constable. As an elected Constitutional Officer he must be impeached by the Kentucky House with a replacement named by the Governor. So our only hope is that the Kentucky State Police take up the investigation and shut Whitlock down for the safety of the general public.

This Tuesday please remember this situation the next time you vote. Whitlock slid through on a Democratic ticket which in this state allows for "Big Lever" ballots.

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  1. Didn't that kid shoot himself one time with a someone elses pistol as well?

  2. Yep. From what I understand it was from the Glock that Stephens allegedly supplied him.

  3. And Kentuckians wonder why so many make fun of us.

    And remember! The state not only backs these street thugs, they ENCOURAGE them. These guys are more dangerous than the criminals. And having had my own run-in with Whitaker I can tell you that he's the most obnoxious human ever. Anyone who thinks he's justified in shooting a woman in a busy parking lot is in need of serious mental help.

  4. OMG! Are you kidding me? If you listen in the video you can hear a shotgun racking a round. Even if they emptied the load out of a shotgun shell, let's say birdshot; the muzzle velocity is approximately 1180 f/s. With that speed and close proximity, the impact alone from the "wad" could have penetrated his chest cavity, cause his heart to stop, etc.

    This is a very serious peice of information. I see at least 2 obvious crimes being committed. 1) wanton endangerment 2) unlawful discharge of a firearm.

    This needs to be prosecuted immediately! People laughing and having a good time, this could have resulted in a fatality!

  5. First Hand KnowledgeNovember 7, 2011 at 7:57 AM

    That was not a non-leathal round used. It was a shotgun shell with the buckshot dumped out, so he was shot with the wad inside the shell.

    Let's say one fragment of buckshot was embedded into the wad that you couldn't have seen, you have a penetrating chest wound from a firearm (gunshot wound).

  6. Ed, PLEASE keep this up! The ONLY way we are going to get rid of these clowns is by media pressure- it's obvious that our local governing officials DO NOT care about what they are doing! I have personally contacted both Bryan Matthews' office an the Mayor's office, and even though neither entity has given him approval to deputize any individual -as required per KRS- he has deputized several people without consequences. Metro and County Gov't. have turned a blind eye to them even though the plain and simple police impersonators have been conducting law enforcement activities- even making arrests!
    What is it going to take before someone takes action against them?!

  7. Trust LMPD I won't stop until these clowns are in jail. From the video alone there are at least 4 felony charges I can think of and I am no cop.

    Just wait until I release more disturbing evidence of these criminal wrongdoings.

    I won't rest until law enforcement does their job and puts these clowns behind bars.

    Thanks for writing.

  8. Wow what a bunch of idiots! This man should not hold any form of office with any police powers. Good Lord - it is like a militia led by an evil Barney Fife.

  9. Sorry, I stated Whitaker when I was actually speaking of David Whitlock. He's the one who threatened me with arrest, took mine and my friend's i.d's and also confiscated the car keys and told us to bring Pop a Lock the next day if we wanted the vehicle back. He was in plain clothes, no I.D., no weapon that I could "see", and no police vehicle. This was all approx. 5 years ago, I filed a police report on him and NOTHING happened. I'm cutting this scenario short, but believe me, it was NO walk in the park.

  10. I am a long time supporter of Ed's work and respect his desire to hold accountable our elected officials. David Whitlock was convicted of a felony in 2000. I investigated that crime and can tell anyone he did far more serious crimes that I could not prove after my witnesses decided testifying in open court would be too embarrassing. I encourage any person who has been pulled over, stopped, patted down or arrested by David and his deputies contact the Kentucky State Police immediately.

  11. FYI, my name is Robert G. Chapman, SGT LMPD Retired.
    WAVE TV 3 misidentified me as Roger Chapman. LOL
    There is no anonymity on the internet.

  12. THANK YOU ED - for keeping up with this. There is a lot of misinformation floating around, I sent you a private email with a few questions to ask. I can think of a number of felonies totally unconnected to the shooting itself. Problem is, no one wanted to take action against him - although with just a few days of decent investigation, they could easily gather the proof to take him down. For heaven's sake, one of his illegal deputies worked for a LMPD officer, after all! (Not blaming him, but he is now in questionable circumstances since he was hiring that unlawful deputy to do illegal things.)


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